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Hike and Swim at Box Canyon Springs

Wendell, Idaho

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4.3 miles

Elevation Gain

351 ft

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Hike your way down into a truly magical canyon, bursting with incredible views of crystal clear water at every turn, trails along small waterfalls, and hop in gorgeous swimming holes at Box Canyon Springs.

Tucked away, almost hidden in a vast expanse of farmland, lies a secluded canyon filled with natural springs, crystal clear water, waterfalls and wildlife. There’s a good chance you may miss the turn off to the trailhead, so keep a keen eye peeled for the small park signage. There are two parking lots here, which is needed due to the small size of the one closest to the trailhead. One of right off the road after you pass Wendell, and the other is past the signage about ¾ mile down a dirt road.

From the trailhead, you will make your way straight towards the canyon overlook to receive your first views of the majestic canyon below. It’s an incredible juxtaposition of landscape from the rim down to the canyon floor below! The rim is a flat expanse of farmland with little to no hills, features, colors, or, honestly, points of interest. But below, the canyon is teaming with life: layers of trees, crystal clear water snaking it’s way around curves, and small waterfalls dotting the way.

After snapping some photos, you will climb over a small ladder bridge to continue along the edge of the trail that eventually starts to drop you into the canyon. It’s a pretty steep descent, but on a very well maintained trail consisting of dirt, sand and rocks. It leads you right down to the edge of the water and meanders it’s way alongside it. There is a wooden bridge crossing which makes for some great photo ops just before you get to the accessible swimming areas.

After the bridge, the trail stays right up against the waters edge given you a close look into the beauty that lies below the surface of the water. Full grown trees, huge rocks and driftwood peacefully live in their own world under water. In different parts of the day, the light dances along these as it cuts through the water. About 1/4 mile past the bridge, there will be a small beach area making for a perfect picnic site along the waters edge. For shade, walk over a small bridge and around the water to find a tree that overhangs the waters edge.

Keep in mind this water is always cold! Use a bit of caution when jumping in too quick in order not receive a shock! It for sure took our breath away, but it was most definitely worth it after a hot hike! There isn’t much to explore past this point, so spend the day, have some snacks and relax!

This is an out-and-back hike, so you head back to your car on the same trail you came in on. It’s mostly flat, with the exception of your climb back out of the canyon. 

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Swimming Hole

Hike and Swim at Box Canyon Springs Reviews

The trailhead was super easy to miss. We had to turn back to find it. The hike was easy after the hike down. The water was freezing but pretty. They seemed to be trimming the trail while we were there but there is a sign that says unmaintained trail so make sure to be aware.

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