SUP the Snake River to Pillar Falls

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Experience the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls on a SUP or kayak 486-feet below the Perrine Bridge watching B.A.S.E. jumpers float above you on your way to explore Pillar Falls.

There may not be a better way to beat the heat on a scorching summer day, then to hop onto a SUP and hit the Snake River. For a quick and super easy paddle,  cruise under the Perrine Bridge where you may just get the chance to see people basejumping right above you as you make your way to one if Idaho's best hidden gems: Pillar Falls

Head down to Centennial Park in Twin Falls to launch your adventure. Bring your own boards, or rent one from AWOL Adventure Sports located right next to the put-in. The park also offers nice shade and plenty of spots to throw a picnic before or after your adventure. 

When you put in, head upstream to take in awesome views of Perrine Bridge. This bridge is the only bridge in the country that allows base jumping year round without a permit. BASE jumpers come from all over the world to heave themselves off of this 486' tall bridge. You will definitely know when someone has jumped by the cracking sound of their parachute echoing through the canyon!

From the launch point at Centennial Park, Pillar Falls is about 1.5 miles upstream headed towards Shoshone Falls. After you pass under the bridge, you will run right into your destination about a quarter mile just around a bend. They absolutely cannot be missed, as they span the entire width of the river, forcing it to carve its way up over and around the ginormous rock formations. 

It's easy to find a parking spot for your boards as the falls are quite mellow. There are tons of amazing nooks and crannies to explore, so make sure to give yourself enough time to get out and hop around the area. Use caution, as some of the seemingly safe and shallow pools may have strong undercurrents and many areas can be pretty slippery. 

We easily spent 4 hours just on the water here, and could have made an entire day out of it. Be sure to bring sunscreen, plenty of water and some tasty snacks. It's also good to mention that we were told it usually takes a bit longer to paddle back down to Centennial Park as there is often a headwind when padding in that direction. On our adventure, though, it was quick sailing back to the homefront!

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