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This is a tucked away gem of a campground that is accessible via a gravel road. The campground itself is paved, complete with a water pump, hiking trail, a winding river, and a well-kept restroom. Located close to the tourist town of McCall, Idaho.

Last Chance Campground is located in New Meadow, Idaho, and about 30 minutes away from the tourist town of McCall. It is a perfect location to get lost in nature, but still want to remain connected. Cell phone service was very excellent.

Goose Creek slips it's way alongside the campground, bringing rushing cold water all the way from Goose Lake. If you're looking to camp at a spot with the sounds of constant rushing water, Last Chance is for you.

The only amenities are a hand water pump, and a very well kept restroom, all for the small price of $10 a night. (Make sure you bring garbage bags as it is a pack-in pack-out campground.) Each camping spot is equipped with enough room to pull in a small RV, for a couple tents, a large wooden picnic bench, and an excellent cast iron campfire pit. There are very few mosquitoes making Last Chance Campground a perfect place to hang a hammock and kick it. Even in the hottest summer heat, the campground still grows considerably cold at night if you are worried about not being able to beat the heat. The sun takes a bit extra to break over the surrounding mountains in the morning, but once it does it warms up fairly quickly. 

McCall, only 30 minutes away, is a small tourist town that offers sporting goods stores, restaurants, and shopping in case you may have forgotten important items.

Overall Last Chance Campground is the perfect overnight stay, or for a weekend get-away.   


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Hidden Beauty

This campground is beautiful and right next to a creek. If you hike far enough upstream, there’s some falls too. It’s a convenient place to camp as it is secluded, but not too far for the nearest town if you forget any supplies.

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