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Hawaii Pounders

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    Chillin, Bodysurfing, Swimming

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Pounders is a fun left beach break that wedges off a cliff. This beautiful beach is more remote than other spots. There is plenty of shade making this a good spot for a beach day.

Pounders is one of Oahu's best bodysurf spots and it's located just south of Laie Beach Park. True to its name, Pounders can get big during winter months, with waves refracting and barreling off of the cliff to the south. But typically, waves are much more mellow and fun for just about anyone. If you prefer a calmer swimming experience, there is an area at the north end of the beach near the old pier pilings that's perfect. Also, if you continue to walk along the shore and round the corner, you'll find Bathtub Beach. This is a nice local beach with typically calm water due to an off-shore reef that protects it from incoming waves.

The beach itself if beautiful and features a limestone cliff and is lined with ironwood trees that provide a nice break from the sun. All in all, this makes for a perfect getaway for a fun day of bodysurfing with family or friends.

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  • Swimsuit
  • Beach gear
  • Picnic supplies
  • A good attitude in the water
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Pounders is located just outside of Laie, HI. The water is mostly frequented by middle, high school, and university students from the surrounding towns of Kahuku, Laie, and Hauula. True to it's name, when the surf is up the shore break near the rock formation can be extremely rough, with a pretty hard landing into just a few inches of water. On more mellow days it's safe for all ages to enjoy. After heavy rains the water is often murky and full of twigs, leaves, and other organic debris. The center of the beach tends to collect the most, and can get pretty dirty when you're in the water. Overall I have to give pounders 5 stars, as I've been a frequent visitor for the last several years. No other shore break in the area compares for those days when you just need to get pounded. On days when the surf is gnarly, I'd recommend inexperienced visitors to stay far away from the rocks. The currents and waves on a big day can quickly pull you into deep water, and are very challenging to navigate out of without a pair of quality bodyboarding fins. Plenty of fun to be had, just be safe and don't overestimate your swimming ability. Mahalo.

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

The water looks a little dirty because it picks up some of the needles from the pine trees on the beach. Don't let that detour you, there are some fun ones to be head out there.

almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago

freshwater shower, cool vibe in the parking lot...this place is magic.

almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago

Grant NyquistAdmin

I'm basically awesome, more basic though

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