Hike to the Ancient City of Lissos

3.1 miles 656.2 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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This is a three hour scenic hike to the ancient city of Lissos via the Lissos gorge which is considered to the best and most beautiful on Crete.

This hike starts Southwest of Sougia at the far end of the Sougia harbor. There will be a rocky beach and a small wooden gate that you must open and close behind you. There will be a little wood sign that says "Lissos" to let you know that you're headed in the right direction. The first 30 minutes or so of the trail will be through pines, with the exception of a couple fallen branches the trail is relatively easy. Here you will see a large smooth cliff overhanging the trail which signifies the beginning of the Lissos gorge. After another 10 minutes the trail is going to veer left and start heading up hill. There will be a sign here to follow, but make sure you don't continue deeper into the gorge. You'll head up hill for a time until you reach a level plateau that you'll travel along until you reach a steep drop off. From here you'll have beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as the ancient city of Lissos down below on the beach. Follow the path down into the valley and once you reach the bottom you can explore the different remnants. To get back to Sougia you'll take the same route that you took there. Make sure you leave plenty of time to explore Lissos and have a snack on the beach!

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2 months ago

A nice and easy hike and an opportunity for a nice dive

The hike is very easy and this makes it very attractive even for non-experienced hikers or even people who just want to enjoy an opportunity for a contact with nature. Although I really liked the hike, having done numerous hikes and crossed many gorges in Crete, I would consider though the characterization of the original poster that it is one of the best and most beautiful hikes you can do as exaggerating. :) If you do this in summer time, I strongly advise you to have your swimming suit or whatever else you feel you need as the waters in Lissos will definitely call you for a dive! Remember to bring water with you and also a snack or something as you wont find any of these in Lissos. If you are in Sougia area and love hiking, I would definitely recommend that you also check if you can hike the gorge of Aghia Eirini.

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