How To Go Camping With Your Lady Friend (And Not Blow It)


Grant Nyquist

Disclaimer: We know you ladies can kick our asses and camp with the best of them, but we hope this helps your man be a little more savvy on your next camping adventure.

The great outdoors are the perfect setting for a special night with your lady friend. You’ll both be stoked you left the monotony of dinner and a movie when you’re sitting around the campfire, sharing a bottle of wine (or a 6 pack of Coors) and eating flame grilled fish tacos. If you want to be sure all goes smoothly, check out these ten tips before taking your date into the wild.

  1. First things first - build a badass fire. Log cabin, teepee, whatever - just keep that thing roaring. If you need some help, we've got you covered.

  2. Bring a good bottle of wine. Not everyone likes IPAs or Keystone Light.

  3. And while you’re at it, throw a little cheese and chocolate in the cooler. You’ll probably be glad you brought it as well.

  4. Put a little planning / preparation into the meals before getting there. We know she loved your "world famous" spaghetti at home, but cooking over a campfire is a different story. Here are a few of our favorite camping recipes to get you started.

  5. Buy her a pair of ear plugs. She can save these for your snoring at home too.

  6. Take care of the dishes (insider tip: you can do this at home too). Sea to Summit’s Kitchen Sink will make this chore much easier.

  7. Know how to set up your tent. If you don’t already know, watch a “how to” for your tent on YouTube.

  8. Make sure you bring two sleeping pads. If there’s only one, we all know who’s getting it. No need for two sleeping bags though -- The North Face has both of you covered with their Dolomite Double 3s.

  9. Bring a spare headlamp, flashlight, or lantern. Navigating your apartment during late night bathroom runs is hard enough, let alone in the dark wilderness.

  10. Bring the coffee. Everyone needs coffee. And if it turns out you failed at number one, you’ll definitely need a Jetboil.

Published: March 18, 2015

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