Gavin PirrieExplorer

Not as warm as you'd expect, but still great!

The hot springs themselves were not as hot as you would think for hot springs. Around the 85-90˚F range. That being said, the hot springs were still great to adventure to. They are very secluded and the views are phenomenal.

Different Landscape

Unlike photographing any other landscape.

Wonderful Show

Yellowstone affords many opportunities for low-light pollution night shots. Make sure you take advantage of this while in Yellowstone.

Must Do

The Grand Loop is a standard for Yellowstone. A great trip for a first-time trip in Yellowstone.

Great Opportunity for Photography

Great views of the Milky Way and low light pollution for your shots.

Like Another World

Mammoth Hot Springs are like a different world. The landscape is breathtaking.


The old standby. Must do for every Yellowstone visit.

Check Status Before You Go

Make sure you check the status of the trail before you go. It can often be closed due to bear activity.

Great Colors

The Artist's Paint Pots are great for a small hike and they reward with wonderful colors.

Awesome Views

Great hike with awesome views from multiple vantage points.

Overlooked but Worth It

The glass beach on Kauai is a great way to spend an evening and watch a sunset. The beach is a little small, but there is usually no one else there.

Beautiful Drive

This drive is awesome for people of all ages. The views the entire drive are jaw dropping in either direction. Make sure you keep your eye on the sun near sunset for a show. Most bridges in the area are WPA projects which add a hint of history into the area too.


Picnicking below the Golden Gate Bridge is a must while in San Fran. The views are phenomenal, even when fog is present.

Do it at Sunrise or Sunset!

Make sure you kayak St. Mary Lake at sunrise or sunset for an enhanced view of the area!

Must Do in the Winter

"Big Mountain" (to the locals) is the ski hill in NW Montana. Great terrain from powder to groomed runs to terrain parks.

Go Early

Make sure to go early if you want to get a spot!

Great Place to Hang

Fairy Lake is a great place to hang out after summiting Hardscrabble or Sacagawea Peak. Make sure to bring your swimsuit!

Best Hike Year Round

Hardscrabble Peak is an excellent hike year round in the Bozeman area. While hiking in the winter can be tricky, it can be done. Snowshoes or cross country skis are a must.

Great Day Trip

Big Mountain offers great mountain biking with even better views. Even if you're not a mountain biker, there is a chair lift to the top for those who just want to enjoy the view.

Beautiful Views

Avalanche Lake is a great lake to hike during the summer months. It is not accessible during the winter months other than by snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

Great Bike Ride

The Hiawatha trail is a great family activity or a great way to spend a day with some buddies. The trail takes most of the day to complete but is easy to complete. From the top down is an easy ride down. The only tricky part is organizing how you will plan to get back to your car while using the shuttle. Make sure you plan ahead. Good luck!

Short, Awesome Hike

Hiking to Hidden Lake Overlook is about as easy of a hike that you'll get in Glacier National Park. The views from the overlook rival views from anywhere in the world.

"Tallest" Mountain on Earth

Mauna Kea is actually the tallest mountain from the bottom of the ocean. This mountain is superb for stargazing and astrophotography as the light pollution is extremely low in the area.

Great Way To Enjoy the Lake

Paddleboarding Flathead Lake is a great way to enjoys the lake. Another way to enjoy the lake is to pack a picnic lunch and eat on the shore.