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Garrett SchmidtExplorer

A Dude and A Camera.

Camp at Fairholme Campground

Port Angeles, Washington


Kayak Laurance Lake

Mount Hood, Oregon


Camp at Hayward Flat on Trinity Lake

Trinity Center, California

Camp at Crane Flat Campground

Mariposa County, California

Climb at Foster Falls SP

Sequatchie, Tennessee

4.5 mi

Hike Mosier Plateau Trail

Mosier, Oregon

3.5 mi / 600 ft gain

Catch the Sunset at Suntop Lookout

Enumclaw, Washington


Snowshoe to Panorama Point Mount Rainier National Park

Ashford, Washington

3.2 mi / 1700 ft gain

Snowshoe to Sun Top Peak

Enumclaw, Washington

12 mi / 2000 ft gain

Hike to Bradley Lake

Moose, Wyoming

5.58 mi / 7022 ft gain

Camp at Mann Lake

Princeton, Oregon