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This is good, easy fall hike that's really close to Breck. Baker Tank trail is nothing special but the aspens and views along Boreas Pass road are stunning. I prefer mountain biking this loop instead since the Bakers Tank section is a little boring.

Anyone who loves mountains NEEDS to do this route! The Four Pass Loop is the stuff dreams are made of. Supposedly permitting is going to become a lottery system in the next year or two so do it now. My group backpacked the four passes in one day so we'd definitely go back and day hike/run it. whether you take a day to hike it or a week, it's absolutely a must do hike in CO!

Did this on the way to the Tenmile Traverse from Frisco to Breck and was pleasantly surprised. Fall is definitely the best time to do it since you basically ascend a gully of Aspen trees. VERY steep, but the views on top are worth it!

I truly can't believe how this hike is such a hidden gem and it's awesome so let's keep it that way. The mountains between Eccles and Red Buffalo Pass are truly stunning! It's like a magical, hidden wonderland up there and you'll have it all to yourself.

This is a great easy hike if you're in the area. Went in July but sadly no wildflowers. Amazing views of the Gore Range at the top!

Pretty hike through some nice forest and great views of Red Buffalo! Not an epic waterfall but a very pleasant hike. I think it was more like 6-7 miles RT but still a very easy, family friendly hike

For how short this hike is, the reward is huge! You are constantly being greeted with beautiful views of Logan Pass! A great warmup for bigger hikes in Glacier. Crowds can be bad so go early

This is a total bucket list hike that any hiker should do at least once! There aren't many hikes where you are constantly being greeted with stunning views. Glaciers, meadows, mountains, and waterfalls, this hike has it all. The final descent from the chalet is brutal. And P.S. even though starting at Logan Pass is considering the "downhill" direction there's still some significant uphill

Seriously one of the best hikes in the whole world! The name is fitting, this hike is enchanting. Inspiration Lake was my personal favorite. Day hiking it isn't that hard, the only bummer is that you don't have much time to stop and take it in. The descent is the hardest part, it was painful and felt like it would never end! Still, 100% worth it!

This is fantastic hike but it's one of my least favorite hikes in the area. You get panoramic views of 6 peaks which was super rad but I didn't like the drier ecosystem and the vantage point from the lookout is pretty far from the mountains. Still a great hike, but I prefer Tumalo Mountain.

Black butte and Pilot butte views are nothing compared to the views on top of Tumalo Mt. Insane views of the Sisters, Mt Bachelor, and most of all Broken Top mountain! A must do hike in the area!

These waterfalls are gorgeous! I went at sunset and there was a beautiful warm glow surrounding the falls. It's a little crowded and touristy around the South Falls end but after a mile the crowds really thin out and it's more enjoyable. We had 2 cars so we just through hiked it from the South Falls end and finished at North Falls just to make it a little shorter but I don't think we missed out on too much

This is one of my favorite mountain biking routes! It's pretty easy but it's a gradual grade and there's always great views. It's uphill only but you can easily downhill the main road because there's not much traffic. I've hiked it too and the natural water slide is super fun and refreshing!

These photos look nothing like how it looks in spring. At first I thought I was in the wrong place but then I realized it's just because most of the pictures I've seen have no waterfall in them. The waterfall also blocks the way to get down to the pool but it's still a great viewpoint. totally gorgeous though! Easy hike and go in the morning/evening to avoid crowds.

Great stop to stretch your legs if you're driving from the West Coast to Wanaka/Queenstown. One of my favorite stops on that drive!

I can see how the lake gets its name, it's pretty crazy how clear and blue it is! I hiked the loop yesterday but started from the Mackenzie River trail that crosses the Hwy on the side of the lake with Coldwater Cove campground. It was about 5 miles RT from there

The spring is not warm. I mean it wasn't cold like the river but it really wasn't warm at all. On the bright side the spring is in a really pretty area so I opted to go for a quick hike instead of the hot spring. PS the location on here is accurate, don't listen to google maps

Probably the best 5.8 I've ever climbed…but yeah a long line to get on it when it's crowded

Wanted to hike Roberts Point but the overcast hung low in the sky (a common occurrence on the West Coast) and would've obstructed the views so I opted for this hike instead and I was not disappointed. The waterfalls really make this hike extraordinary. Kind of reminded me of waterfalls in Hawaii but also with a huge glacier. Do yourself a favor and go at sunrise/sunset to avoid the crazy crowds.

Truly have never seen anything like this! Like a mix of The Enchantments and a barren wasteland! I recommend starting around 11 or 12, if you can, to avoid the crowds. The downhill is really long and monotonous when you descend from blue lake, so yeah that part kinda sucked but otherwise one of my favorite hikes ever!

The 4 platforms give your 4 fantastic, unique angles to view the waterfall, worth the visit!

Really nice detour while exploring Rotorua! Really warm so you can't stay in too long! Get used to the sulphur smell cuz it ain't goin anywhere in all of Rotorua

The right side of the lake was beautiful and I especially loved the lookout at the halfway point! The only bummer was that as of February 2018 the entire left side of the trail is underwater so you have to walk on the side of the road for 20-30 minutes to get back.

This is on the sickest hikes I've ever done! I was a little intimidated that do all 3 peaks at first because of how dangerous things I've read made it seem but it is a totally doable to do all three peaks. Honestly I thought the first peak was the hardest and most strenuous! Don't get me wrong, IF YOU AREN'T AN EXPERIENCED HIKER, peaks 2 and 3 can be dangerous, but I wouldn't consider it sketchy. There aren't really any sheer drops. There is some "room for error." It's nice to have the ropes there just in case but you really don't need the ropes and one rope did snap on us so don't trust them completely. The views are unreal between 1 and 2 and between 2 and 3! Overall, one of the most epic hikes ever, completely worth doing all three peaks!