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    Top Spots in and near France

    • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

      Climb the Aiguilles Crochues Traverse

      5 mi / 1476.4 ft gain
      The valley of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is most well known for the mountain it’s named after, Western Europe’s highest peak. Yet just right across the valley on its north side lies a dramatic and beautiful range that cuts the horizon with tall rock spires: The Aiguilles Rouges.Part of the Rouges range,...
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    • Cazevieille, France

      Hike to the Pic Saint Loup

      3.7 mi / 1049.9 ft gain
      You start the hike from the big carpark just outside the Cazevieille village (you'll find lots of signs to go there). The beginning is located on the top left corner of the carpark, close to the garbage.Why the carpark is so big ? Because a lot of people go there during summer ! Hikers, climbers ...
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    • Marseille, France

      Hike the "Calanques de Marseille"

      You can go there either by car, boat, or bus and then start hiking.I personnally did it using the bus service. It is quite simple, but since we were not in the high season, there was not a lot of bus going there. From Marseille, you need to go to the metro station Castellane and take the bus 19 t...
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    • Etsaut, France

      Hike through La Chemin de la Mature

      7 mi / 2500 ft gain
      This hike begins at a trailhead on the side of the road just south of Etsaut at Pont de Cebers. Start by taking the famous, long-distance, Pyrenees route, the GR10.  You'll see a sign a yellow sign with distances throughout the hike.  The route you'll be taking is one that says "Col d'Arras par L...
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    • Crozon, France

      Hike La Pointe de Dinan, Bretagne

      1.2 mi
      An easy walk through and all around "La pointe". It's a loop that you can do in both ways. Just follow the tracks. It will take half an hour to do the circle. I did it with flip flops but I recommand proper shoes.
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    • Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France

      Kitesurf at Beauduc Beach in the Camargue National Park

      The road to Beauduc plage is already an adventure by itself, most of the navigation systems are getting lost. On top of that, cell phone reception is spotty at its best, so make sure to print some directions before hitting the road!This is a very remote spot on a large beach, the next supermarket...
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    • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

      Mountain Bike Chamonix's 'Le Tour' Trails

      Getting There From Chamonix, it is very easy to get to Le Tour. You can either drive up the valley, bike up the valley or take a cheap shuttle that runs every 15 minutes up and down from Chamonix to Le Tour, and everywhere in between. I took a shuttle up the valley to Argenterie where I rented a ...
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    • Notre-Dame-de-Londres, France

      Hike through the Gorge of Lamalou

      5 mi / 656.2 ft gain
      From the carpark, cross the bridge of Masclac (be carefull, cars are not always friendly) and take West on the path just after the bridge. Follow the old marks red and white., or the yellow dots on the ground. The path is obvious in the middle of the bushes, it goes close to the Lamalou, then up ...
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    • Rouet, France

      Hike the Cliff of Hortus

      6.5 mi / 1476.4 ft gain
      You can park your car at the crossroad between the D122 and the D17E6 roads. There are some spaces in the shadow on the side of the road, as well as a little bit further up the road D122 (but no shadow). From the crossroad, take the road D122 going to Rouet (there is a sign) and then after 50m ta...
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    • Vitrac, France

      Kayak the Dordogne River

      Explore the Dordogne Valley from the comfort of your own kayak. The sleepy current of the Dordogne River will usher even the laziest of paddlers downstream as you marvel at ancient caves and weathered chateau perched high on the ridge lines.We hired from Vitrac (Copeyre Canoë), 15 minutes drive s...
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    • Villeneuve-le-Roi, France

      Stroll along the Seine River

      The Seine river runs through the middle of Paris with many different sights to behold.  It's a great place to take a morning jog or sunset stroll if you want to see Paris. Make several different stops to Notre Dame, the Eiffel Towel, etc. Paris has a lot of bakeries so you can fill up on snacks w...
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    • Nancy, France

      Photograph Place Stanislas

      Visit this square year round and take photographs of the many historic buildings, statues, fountains, and wrought iron. There are plenty of great restaurants around the square to enjoy a local Lorraine lunch. If you have the time, take a walk around and explore as there are several beautiful, his...
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    • Saint-Florent, France

      Hike Desert des Agriates from St-Florent to Saleccia beach

      / 328.1 ft gain
      Begin your journey in the small town of St. Florent. Reaching the coast, you'll find the entrance of the Desert. The walk between St. Florent and Saleccia Beach is breathtaking but will take the entire day (5H30 one way). There is a nice camping located at Saleccia Beach were you can rest and con...
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    • Paris, France

      Photograph Sacre Coeur (Church)

      Sacre Coeur is an incredibly beautiful Church sitting atop Montemarte, a large hill in Paris. From the top of the hill, you'll have a great view of the City and horizon. Montemarte is also conveniently located within walking distance of the Moulin Rouge so that you can see several points of inter...
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    • Saint-Étienne-de-Gourgas, France

      Hike along the Cirque du Bout du Monde

      6.2 mi / 1640.4 ft gain
      You start the hike form the hamlet called Gourgas. A nice and typical village from the South of France. At the entrance of the village, take the first road on the right (follow the sign "Parking randonneur"). Follow the road and after it turns left, the parking will be on your right hand side.Ple...
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    • Angers, France

      Visit the Angers Castle

      Great visit to the castle, museum and gardens.  The castle is very impressive. Also took the time to visit the city of Angers.
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