Notre-Dame-de-Londres, France

Hike through the Gorge of Lamalou

5 Miles Total - 656.2 ft gain - Loop Trail

Originally added by Thib Muller

Quiet stream or strong torrent, the Lamalou is always a surprise. This adventure is one way to explore the canyon. But you could spend the entire day in the area.

From the carpark, cross the bridge of Masclac (be carefull, cars are not always friendly) and take West on the path just after the bridge. Follow the old marks red and white., or the yellow dots on the ground.

The path is obvious in the middle of the bushes, it goes close to the Lamalou, then up and down. It becomes larger and at the first crossroad, stay on the left.

After some times, the path goes down into the canyon and join the river. The path is quite steep and slippery on the way down, be careful.

If the river is dry, you can go to see the sculpted naturally Big Arche. You'll see also some caves on the way. Just take left (South-East) when you reach the river.

Otherwise, keep going and stay on the right side of the river. The path is still marked and quite obvious. You'll follow the border of the gorge, and after some times, it goes back in the forest. At the first crossroad, keep right ( or keep going up. Don't go down ;) ). At the second crossroad, you'll find a small area with a big cairn in the middle. Again, take the path on the right (South - East).

At the next small crossroad, take right and after 10 meters, take left. Then follow the path, it goes almost straight until you'll be back to the carpark.

Don't forget :

  • After heavy rain or a storm, the level of the river is high, and really different than the pictures.
  • The area is really hot during, take a lot of water with you.
  • If it starts to rain during summer, get out of the river bed! 
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