Hike Desert des Agriates from St-Florent to Saleccia beach

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Desert des Agriates is in fact a 5,000-hectare (12,355 acres) protected area of dense scrubland between St Florent and Ile Rosse on Corsica's north coast

Begin your journey in the small town of St. Florent. Reaching the coast, you'll find the entrance of the Desert. The walk between St. Florent and Saleccia Beach is breathtaking but will take the entire day (5H30 one way). There is a nice camping located at Saleccia Beach were you can rest and continue your journey to Ghigny Beach. There is also a small Cafe located at the Camping.

Starting from St-Florent, you'll need to follow the littoral path. It takes 4H30 to reach Lotu beach. Take in consideration that you'll need to pass by the Fiume Santu beach to reach to other coast and continue your hike to Lotu beach. There is no path along the this beach, so you'll need to walk approximatly 10m with water up to your hips. From Lotu, it should take 1H00-1H30 to reach Saleccia Beach.

Be careful at the time of the year you are planning the trip. The camping is ONLY open during the high season and there are no facilities on the way (no water, no toilet, no restaurant). We went there at the beginning of May and everything was still closed. You need to be vigilant and bring a lot of food and water. The hike back and forth will take 11H to 12H so it's a long journey if you miss water and food ! We didn't plan this hike before doing it so we ran out of water and food soon - the 5H30 hike back was'nt fun at all so be vigilent regarding this!  It is really not a difficult hike, you'll be pleasantly walking along the coast the entire time, but it's long.

Like i said, we didn't plan enough food or water and were caught in a big storm on our way back so I can tell that the place can be dangerous if you are not well prepared. But don't be afraid, this place is a little paradise and the view is scenic all the way. The Saleccia Beach looks amazing and I will really suggest if you can, stay there for a night or two! 

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