Hike across the Pyrenees via the Camino Frances

Rate this Adventure 10 miles 1300 ft gain  - Point-to-Point Trail

Added by Tammy Molepske

A blanket of fog carries you from the French valley to the summit and back down into Spanish foothills of the mountain range.

The challenge and beauty of this trek are of equal magnitude. After flying into Pamplona, taxiing into the south of Frances and hiking the rigorous incline of the Pyrenees, you will be blessed with a mystical environment. We originally departed from SJPP, and stayed at Refuge Orisson to break up the long distance and major elevation gain.   It was a great decision considering how fun this lodge is.   The comradery found over basque cake and pints will carry your spirits for the next days effort.

The wind may push and the rain might drive down upon you, but stay the course as the Camino grants many favors to the heart, mind and soul of its travelers. While the greatness of the mountain range was veiled, the landscape revealed many treasures.   At one point the sounding of bells bewildered the pack of pilgrims, until team of roaming horses emerged to stride along us. The peak was nearly indistinguishable but for a wooden sign that marked our elevation, also as to say carry forth.
Upon the lengthy descent, we found the sleepy village of Roncesvalles. Welcomed we were, out of the headstrong rain, with feast and wine, and a soft pillow to coax fantastical dreams of the day’s crossing.

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