Snorkel & Dive at Devil's Den

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Explore a prehistoric cave with a crystal blue lake beneath the surface.

Located in central Florida, this prehistoric spring is a MUST to add on your bucket list. Devil’s Den is a cave that has an underground spring inside. The spring is crystal clear and is a stable 72 degrees F year round. This spot is well known to local divers as it’s depth is 200 feet. Open swimming is unfortunately not allowed - but they do allow snorkeling. In order to access the cave for snorkeling you are required to have a mask, snorkel and fins on at all times. If you do not have your own equipment they do have extras on sight that you’re able to rent. It is privately owned so there is a fee of $15.00 per person for admission. If planning on visiting during summer and weekends, go early. Devil’s Den can often get busy during peak season. Picnic tables, showers and bathrooms are on sight as well. Be careful taking steps leading into the cave and down the spring, they can be slick. Be on the look out for catfish during your swim - If you're lucky one may approach you! 

Directions: Getting here is super easy. Located west of Williston you're going to get on Alternate US-27. If you're heading Alternate US-27 North, the road leading to the den will be on your right - NE 180th Ave (Look for Devil's Den highway sign). Follow the road for about a mile and you will see the entrance on your right, you can't miss it.

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Easy Parking
Picnic Area
Swimming Hole

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Something out of a movie

Absolutely beautiful.

It’s cool, but literally that’s all there is to see

Went with one other person. It was definitely beautiful! But just know that the cave is literally all you’re going for. Some people find it underwhelming. I would recommend getting there early in the AM (they open at 9) to avoid the crowds. The water was nice and cool - a little murky but still pretty. It’s way more worthwhile if you’re scuba diving.

Devils den

I definitely would recommend going with a group of friends. Had a lot of fun , but we definitely had a lot more fun because we were discovering it together.

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