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I just want to be outside with my dog ☀️

Sorry for the bad pun. The rocks balancing like hats were very cool though. Did not initially intend to do this hike but the one we had planned on was closed due to icy conditions (this was in April). This one did not disappoint. Shorter and not terribly strenuous it had good payoff with the scenery though it’s hard to find a bad view in this area.

This is a nice park with well maintained wooded trails that make for pleasant if not the most scenic hikes. My one issue is that I find the trail maps to be slightly off. The markers on the trails are not always located at intersections so you may find yourself turning the wrong way and walking a bit before realizing you are not where you thought. Haven’t gotten too lost but would definitely encourage anyone visiting to be very aware of their location.

Long as an out and back day hike but worth it. Not as strenuous as I was expecting. It is rocky but I felt that the incline was broken up by flatter sections. Will definitely try to go back and camp overnight. Unmatched vistas and really cool to see the horses.

Swimming area is small and crowded but it’s nice to have available. Appreciated the separate parking lot to use the boat ramp. Very easy spot to put in. Relatively small area to paddle around but scenic and enjoyable nonetheless.

Not too strenuous. Open summit with perfect mountain views. Loved this hike.

I’ve done Humpback Rocks twice. It is definitely a steep climb, which I had forgotten when I did it the second time. I’ve tried to go at times when it was less crowded (cold, raining) and still managed to get a good view. Worth doing over and over again.

Miles of trails that follow alongside the Rivanna River. Some of the trails are paved and some are not, but it is all very well maintained and there are a few great areas to access the water. The only con is that Riverview Park is always busy. Even on a cold winter Tuesday morning you will encounter dogs, small children (there is an adjacent playground), bikers, runners, and an array of other patrons. And if you are taking your dog at a time when they can be off-leash just be aware that you need to have very strong voice control because other visitors do not always appreciate a dog who wants to come say hi.

The nice thing about this hike is that you can turn around and go back at any point and you will still see some amazing views. The bad thing is that as soon as you turn around you realize that the most difficult part of your hike has just begun. Still glad not to have missed this one.

Alright, I feel like Debbie Downer writing this review. Clocked this at 3.74mi and took 1h 57min. Would consider it easy to moderate. I was 6mos pregnant at the time and it was very doable. The hike was crowded and there are many signs saying absolutely no swimming. You could not go up to the base of the waterfall so I felt like the view was not much more spectacular than some of the views we got on the road to Hana. Part of the joy I get from hiking is the quiet of being in nature so if I am going to do a popular crowded hike I want to be absolutely WOWED and I just….wasn’t. Obviously this hike is well-loved and popular for a reason so take my review with a grain of salt but it just wasn’t for me.

Started at around 10am on a Friday. Parked at the trailhead. Saw 3 people on the way up and no one on our way back. I would consider this hike moderately strenuous buuuut I also did this hike at almost 8 mos pregnant. I think even without the extra passenger this hike still would have required a solid effort but very doable either way. Decent amount of incline but sections of flat ground to break up the ascent. I brought my 1yr old Weimaraner along and she enjoyed every step. Clocked 2h 59min of active hiking and 5.83mi total.

Done in April 2021 - a true experience of a lifetime. Got very lucky to get tickets on the lottery the day before. Rented all the gear. Definitely watched a lot of people attempt the hike without preparing. I am 6’ tall and the water came up to my chest and was close to coming into my bibs in several places. No easy feat hiking against a current but I loved every minute of it. I would like to go back and do it in the summer when you don’t necessarily need boots and bibs and would consider doing the overnight trip.

Apr 2021 - Set out at sunrise and got to the arch around 8am. Still crowded. But a very cool site. Did not spend too much time here because of the crowds but glad we did it.

Took the two dogs in March 2021. Very easy to go at whatever pace you choose. Trails wind through big open fields and then some go back through the woods. Nice place to wander around and take it easy.

Somewhat bleak when done in Feb 2022. Fairly good views for a short and simple hike. Not my favorite but just what was called for on a cold winter’s day with a 6 month old puppy.

Done in Nov 2019. Got to the trailhead at sunrise. At the peak by 10am. Saw maybe three other people and were able to take advantage of the photo ops at the top. Would love to do the triple crown some day.

Done in Sept 2019 with 2 dogs. Difficult for them with the rocks at the summit but they’re both athletic so they managed.

Done in March 2020 with two senior Weimaraners. Loved every minute of this hike. It was the perfect length and level of difficulty for all of us. Great views. Would definitely do again. 2 hr 15 mins active hiking.

Done in Sept 2021 with our 12(ish) year old Weimaraner. He navigated everything well. Less than an hour of active hiking.

Did this hike Sept 2021 with my dad. Very cloudy and chilly on the way to the summit but we found some sunshine up top. Took us 4 hr 45 mins of active hiking.