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Relax at Playa Puerto Chino

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador


Added by Cassandra Yourist

White sand beach, seabirds, sea lions, and surf

24KM from the port you can find the small, pristine, white, sandy beach of Puerto Chino.  At the parking lot you head down a trail that will take roughly 15 minutes to descend.  Along the way you will see intriguing prickly pear cacti "trees" which are endemic to the island, as well as several of the 13 species of finches.  Beware the finches have no boundaries and will certainly get any food that you are trying to eat or have dropped. They were flying past my face and landing on my lap, they will bother you to no end. The beach is quite small and is nice to enjoy early in the morning.  There is a short trail right on the edge of the water to the right that goes right up to a point, 3 minutes walking, to an overlook where there are usually blue footed boobies.  Mind the signs that don't allow you to walk past a certain point, they are nesting.  Seal lions are at the beach, as well as iguanas. If you are lucky you will get to see an iguana swimming, which is quite the sight. This beach is great for swimming and hopping into the waves. I saw people coming in with boogie boards as I was leaving, and used my snorkel gear but wasn't able to see anything because the waves were constant. 

How to get there:

Puerto Chino is not walkable, as it is 24KM fro the port. You can hire a taxi, ride a bike, or go as a day your arranged with a taxi.  If you hire a taxi tour, it will cost $60-$80, depending on your negotiation sills and is usually combined with a visit to El Junco (the freshwater lagoon) and La Galapaguera Cerro Colorado. If you intend to ride a bicycle, you need to be in VERY good shape, and have copious amounts of water with you. The ride there is about 70% downhill, but keep in mind that you must ride the 24KM back.  It is very steep, and there is no protection from the sun.  I only recommend this to very experienced bikers, and those with proper gear. There will be no taxis at the beach looking for fares, only taxis that have been hired to go there already, as the beach is located at the very end of the only road out of town.

Please Note:

  • Go early morning to avoid the tour groups and strong sun.
  • This is a protected area and needs to be conserved as much as possible. 
  • Do not feed, touch, or approach wildlife past 2 meters.  
  • Do not litter or go off trail, and please collect any trash you do find. There is a dumpster located at the entrance to the trail
  • Mind the signs that notify you NOT to walk in the areas to the left and the right of the beach. These are nesting areas for many of the birds, as well as the area on the top of the small trail directly on the right edge of the water. 
  • Sea lions, specifically adult males, are very territorial.  While mostly playful, be alert for behavior such as incessant barking and puffed out chests. Back away from these sea lions immediately to avoid causing them stress and being bitten. 
  • Lastly, the sun is extremely strong here, as on the rest of the island. You must wear protective clothing of apply sunscreen often. You can and will get burned if you aren't cautious. There is one picnic table that is semi shaded, and will likely be taken by the time you get there.
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