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A tucked away cove south of Portsmouth, Secret Beach is the perfect place to chill and enjoy vacation! The conditions are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and it is easily accessible by boat!

In order to get to Secret Beach, head towards Ross Medical School in Portsmouth. If you're coming from Canefield Airport, head north along Edward Oliver LeBlanc Highway. If you're coming from Douglas Charles Airport, head west towards Portsmouth. Once you get to Ross Med School on Ross Boulevard, there are two ways for you to get to the Watersports Center. One of them takes you down past Ross Housing to a restaurant called Le Flambeau. Once you reach the restaurant turn left along the beach until you reach the center. The other way has you taking the trail south of the Watersports Center and heading right. If you get stuck, you can always ask campus security for help and they will gladly assist you. Once you park, there's a shack right there for gear rental.

Once you've reached the Watersports Center, ask for a local named Clint (245-2017). If he's not there one of his buddies will help you out! The Watersports Center provides boat rides to Secret Beach (30EC/person). You can also rent kayaks (Singles are 40EC/hr and Doubles are 53 EC/hr) and snorkel gear (Mask/Snorkel 16EC/day and Fins 16EC/day) to optimize your experience at Secret Beach! For boat rides, just negotiate a time you want to be picked up and the Watersports center will come and get you!  If you're a strong enough swimmer you can also bypass the Watersports Center and head South along the island until you see the rocky arch in the picture, but watch out for sea urchins!

Once you take one of these methods to Secret Beach, you won't be disappointed! The swimming conditions are perfect on a hot day and there are lots of different fishes to see if you're snorkeling! Secret Beach is one of the most popular getaways for Ross Medical students and locals in Dominica! 

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