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Miles of trails and views of 14ers are found just miles away from the small town of Gunnison, Colorado at Hartman Rocks. Easy access camp sites include fire rings and are free!

Just 3 miles outside the small south central town of Gunnison, Colorado lies Hartman Rocks recreation area. This 8000 acre open space includes 40 miles of single track trails as well as 33 miles of road. Camping at Hartman Rocks is the perfect way spend a relaxing night, or get an early start to hiking or biking in the area.

Dispersed campsites are all over Hartman Rocks, and the only thing you need to do to claim a spot is pitch a tent. The area is used more during the day than at night, so finding a spot is no problem, especially considering that there are hundreds of sites to choose from.

The area is frequented by outdoor adventurers of all types. Hartman's is particularly good for rock climbing, bouldering, mountain biking, trail running, and hiking. When hiking in the area, one can see multiple 14ers (Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn to the South West), 13ers, (the Anthracite Mountain Range, and Carbon Mountain to the North West), and Tomichi Dome (to the East). Biking trails range from beginner to expert so riders of all abilities can enjoy them.

Hartman Rocks is also a prime location for photography. Landscape photographers can get great shots of the geological features surrounding the area, as well as the desert landscape that comprises the immediate landscape. Hartman's is especially dark at night, making it a great location for astrophotographers. Thousands of stars as well as prominent constellations can be seen from the camping areas.

Campsites at Hartman Rocks are indicated by a fire ring made with rocks. You can pitch a tent anywhere near the fire ring and stay at one site for up to two weeks. The fire rings are great for bonfires, campsite cookouts, or just enjoying the camping atmosphere. All campsites are free, and range in seclusion depending on how deep inside Hartman's the site is located. The area is made of soft dirt, so staking a tent is no problem, although a sleeping pad is recommended. Camping in certain elevated sites allows you to catch either a spectacular, color filled sunrise or sunset on the broad horizon.

Hartman Rocks is a hidden gem when it comes to outdoor adventures close to town. The stunning landscapes, and opportunities for adventure are sure to draw explorers back to camp time and time again.

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thanks for the advice Buzzkill Dave

sound advice but you really dont sound thrilled about this place

Don't bring your RV!

The BLM now has designated camping sites. You are only allowed to camp there. Do not bring pallets to burn. You must burn only the fire rings. There are campsites that are near trails, don't block trails. Clean up your trash! If you need to crap, be sure to dig a hole. Don't leave your toilet paper everywhere. Don't trample vegetation. Don't collect firewood. Bring a bucket to poop in. Respect the area!

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