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Lots of gorgeous spots on Kebler Pass for easy camping in Crested Butte.

Camping on Kebler Pass begins at around GPS: 38.89575, -107.214655. The pass is only available during the warmer summer months but is quite the treat. We went in August to catch an eclipse and the rolling free hills made it a great place to view from. You pass a reservoir on your way in where many were fishing and boating. 

The big draw of Kebler Pass is it's ability to make you feel like you're completely alone while still within range of services. It's FREE dispersed camping along the pass, several hidden trails you can pull off into if your vehicle has high clearance. We were in a campervan and tried to grab one of the more secluded spots, but worried about weather we found higher ground. There's something for everyone! 

Nearby Kebler Pass there are lots of spots for ATV's, hiking and viewing wildlife. With no reservation required, it's a great spot for those that like to plan by the seat of their pants.

The road is LONG, it can be confusing as to where you're allowed to camp. Basically, anywhere along the pass that looks like open ground is fair game. Most of the sites are between CR 730 and 760. Once you hit 760, there is a paid campground that is $18. Before 730 there may be some camping, but you're closer to town. 


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Great camping

Views from disbursed camping were limited off the pass road, but head up the road to lost lake and therefore a few really good spots to view the sun set and rise off the mountains.