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This is a great little hike in Shenandoah, and one of the few places I know of that has a campsite with these views. The hike is pretty moderate, with the last mile being a little rough, but it's a gorgeous site when you do get to the top. There is no marker for the peak, but it's fairly obvious when you reach the top as you will begin to loose elevation fairly soon. It's true there is only one site up there, but I've never seen anyone else up there so odds are pretty good. Biggest thing to remember is you have to bring your own water.

Oh wow, I don't have enough good things to say about this one! I did it for sunrise twice this past summer, and each time, watching the sun come up over the alpine lakes and Rockies was even better than the last. This trailhead area is VERY popular, but once you get past the falls around the first mile, you also get past the crowds. Love everything about it!

Just did an overnight here, and it was SO good! Eric's directions were spot on, and the campsites and views are amazing. It's a nice hike in, but not too hard that you don't have energy left over to explore the area a bit once you get there. One tip: I forgot my bug spray and was eaten alive by the mosquitoes at the lake! It's a must for the summer as they were literally swarming. This is a great long day hike or overnight if you can score a permit!

This hike is perfect for sunset as it's easy to get to, short, and both family and dog friendly. Highly recommend for anyone closer to the southern entrance of Shenandoah!



Oh man, this was probably my favorite part of Yosemite. We went in the wintertime, and since this was my first time, it was really tricky to navigate as there is no cell coverage and no clear trail. We followed and old cross country ski marking and a hunch, and set out. The hike itself was absolutely lovely, but nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of Taft. We had the spot all to ourselves and as the rays of light flooded the valley, there was no better time to be alive.

So, I did the camping here and not the cabins ($33 a night for the sweetest little campsite ever!), but it was perfect. We came up here after getting off an early morning flight from the east coast, en route to Yosemite. It was definitely a little bit of a detour, but totally worth it for a relaxing night. Just remember to jot down the code, or better yet print out your receipt as I didn't have service to access the gate code from this spot. Great little place to wander around for a day or two.

This was the most epic camping spot ever! We hiked the 10.5 miles from Badger Pass down Glacier Point Road, camped at Glacier Point the first night, then Taft Point the second. This was my first time to Yosemite, but I can only imagine all the crowds this place sees during the summer! We had the spot all to ourselves mid-week. After getting a wilderness permit from the ranger station at Badger Pass, we were set (didn't need skis or snow shoes in February, but definitely check the weather as sometimes they are necessary). Camped near Taft Point the second night and it was a perfect 3 day winter adventure!

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Waimea after having visited the Grand Canyon earlier this year. The Great Outdoors totally put me in my place, and I was blown away by this spot. The day we went, there were rainbows EVERYWHERE, not to mention tons and tons of epic hiking trails. I would only recommend that you not only stop of the "official" viewpoints, but the smaller pullouts along the road, as those were some of my favorite (not to mention more peaceful) views.

This hike was amazing! The first stretch you are treated to views of the Nepali Coast, and the cliffs crashing into the sea. Then you have your first rest area at a lovely beach, with plenty of sea caves and rocky outcrops to explore. The waterfall is incredible and worth every muddy step. My top three tips: 1) Bring collapsable hiking poles, especially in winter! The trail is a total mud pit, and these really helped, especially when going down a steep, slippery section. 2) Bring water, and a filter. Plenty of fresh water along the way, you just need to filter obvi. 3) Go early! I made the mistake of trying this mid-morning one day, and had to turn around I was so over navigating around the masses of people - not to mention parking nightmare. Begin just before sunrise with a headlamp and watch the sun come up from high above the Pacific - win win.

This was such a great way to start the day! Perfect directions and great 360 views. Highly recommended to anyone near Boulder to catch a sunrise or sunset!

Did this hike this morning and it was awesome! Got to the trailhead by 6:30am on a Saturday and parking was no problem. I would definitely get there early as it was packed when we left. Beautiful views and perfect little day hike. Would definitely recommend trail cleats if you are planning on doing this one in the winter.

This hike has it all. We went during the week, and not only had the place to ourselves, but the fire lookout as well. It would have been a cold, windy night without it! I would rate this hike as beginner, with the drive up the road to get there being advanced :-/ Even in a compact SUV it was challenging and I got stuck a few times. Made it though and it was totally worth it. I kayaked in the lake for a bit before starting the hike, and if you do want to stay by the lake, there are lots of great little sites with flat tent sites and fire pits. Incredible views that I almost didn't feel worthy of seeing for the little effort it took to hike up -- so good!

Just did this hike a few weeks ago and stayed in the fire lookout. Just a quick note that the wilderness ranger told me that there are no reservations -- first come first served to stay the night. There are plenty of places to camp if you don't make it there first, but if you want to stay near the lake, you need to grab a (free) wilderness permit from the station in Marlblemount. I stayed here with 9 other strangers and we became fast friends during our alpine slumber party, but I have heard that some people don't really want to share the lookout -- just depends on the group. As Scott said, be sure to leave the lookout cleaner than you found it, and if you have any food or coffee that will keep, there is a dry box you can stash it in for future backpackers. Such an awesome way to give back as this spot is totally free to stay in -- I mean who isn't stoked to find some chocolate-laced trail mix after a big day hiking?! This was hands down my favorite thing that I did during my trip to the Northern Cascades, I already can't wait to come back next summer!

Have done this hike many times, but my favorite is in the fall when the views turn to all orange and yellow :) Definitely try to go during the week and GO EARLY! This hike is really popular and the crowd factor can be kind of a downer if you get stuck behind too many people on the scrambles. Old Rag is a must do for anyone living of visiting the area.