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Chema Domenech

After working 3 years of being tied to a desk I decided quit my job and start chasing after the adventurer I always imagined I would be. I suffer from an ever present thirst to get outside.- Our truest self is when we are in dreams awake -

This is a great place to go. I would go during the week if possible. There are tons of people over the weekend. Also, please be careful while you are there. Yesterday, I saw two people jump from the rock that did not know how to swim and another that kept running to edge and stopping right before jumping. Needless to say they were asking to get hurt. Other than that it is a blast and would recommend to anyone visiting. We started at the Granite Canyon Trailhead which is about a 5.5 mile hike to the rock.

If you are looking for a backcountry trip this is also a great spot. Lower Paintbrush, about 3 miles in has a ton of sites. Later in the summer you can also hike at Holly Lake. Just remember to get a backcountry permit. https://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/back.htm

Thanks for sharing this adventure it was amazing. This has to be one of the most unique places we have visited in Teton Valley. The Wind Cave and waterfalls are amazing but so is the rest of the hike! A few thing I will add: If you are planning to explore the cave your feet are going to get wet. The best way to get into the cave is by crossing the stream and be careful doing this. Bring a pair of dry socks or shoes for after, maybe both. This goes without saying but it is snowmelt water and it is freaking cold so don't stay in it too long.

This is a great trail for novice offroaders. Be aware that it can be closed in early spring or late fall due to snow.

This is one of the most amazing spots in Central Texas. It rises out of nowhere and it is really incredible. One of the coolest things is staying in the park in one of the hike to campsites where you can hear the rock creaking as it contracts at night after being heated by the sun all day.

This is constantly featured as a top 10 swimming hole in the world. And while it is amazing I would suggest you get there super early. In the summer it can get really crowded but it is really a unique place. If it is super full head down to West Cave Preserver to see what a similar swimming waterfall looks like when it has been preserved.

I would make sure there is water. When there is water this place is amazing. After a big storm it's even deep enough to Kayak. People usually have their dogs so be aware of that. Also, there are usually artists drawing or painting and people bring their guitars and play along. A true Austin spot.

It's a good place to watch a sunset in Austin but in my opinion it's a bit overrated.

This was the very first hike I did at Big Bend when I was 14. I wish you would have added a pic of the actual window. As stated there are no ropes or anything so just be careful when you get down there. Looking over the edge is thrilling but don't get too close.

Our pup loved this hike. It has decent elevation gain and creeks flowing down the mountain as you hike up are also awesome! I will definitely be back.