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Chema Domenech

After working 3 years of being tied to a desk I decided quit my job and start chasing after the adventurer I always imagined I would be. I suffer from an ever present thirst to get outside.- Our truest self is when we are in dreams awake -

Patrol Cabin at Death Canyon via Death Canyon Trail

Alta, Wyoming

7.52 mi / 2000 ft gain

Hike to Ski Peak 7 Powder in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado


Summit Mt. Yale

Buena Vista, Colorado

9.5 mi / 4300 ft gain

Off-Road to Glacier Mountain

Dillon, Colorado

7.4 mi / 2100 ft gain

Hike to Lost Creek Falls, Yellowstone NP

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

1 mi / 200 ft gain

Hike to Javelina Rock

Tucson, Arizona

7 mi / 400 ft gain

Ptarmigan Tunnel

Browning, Montana

10.68 mi / 2713 ft gain

Paintbrush Canyon to Holly Lake

Jenny Lake, Wyoming

12.84 mi / 2575 ft gain