Swim at The Rock Quarry

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This is a short walk (approximately 5-10 minutes) leading to a beautiful swimming hole known as the "Rock Quarry." 

Starting on Highway 97, head north approximately 43 kilometres, until you come to a road on the left called "Tallus Road." Turn left, and drive until you see a big red gate on the side of the road. There will more than likely be a long line of cars parked here, so you'll know you're in the right spot. From here walk around the fence and over the rocks and begin your not so scenic walk towards the quarry. 

If any of you have seen "The Hills Have Eyes," you will begin feeling like you're walking to your death in a desert. But as soon as you make it through the creepy rock and dirt area, you will look down a small hill and see the giant swimming hole. When you get here you can cliff jump, snorkel, swim, float around, feed the fish, and so much more. There is a lot of glass, so definitely wear shoes when you get out of the water. If you sit still, little fish come up and nibble on your toes. The water is absolutely beautiful. It is so clean, and so blue. This used to be a mine, but they hit water and upon returning to work the next day everything had flooded, and we now have what is known as "The Rock Quarry." The green pin on the map is at the trailhead, follow the path in, and keep heading straight.

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Beautiful spot to swim, if people cleaned up after themselves there probably wouldn't be a permanent gate there, there was tons of garbage everywhere. We went here last May and yes the gate was permanently closed but there were no signs about trespassing and cars were parked beside it. People walk through here all the time, it's gorgeous. I highly recommend going here, just please, please, please, be respectful and clean up after yourselves.

neat spot

Neat spot to swim but now the gate is permanently closed, and its also trespassing if you go here so I don't recommend it.


You used to be able to drive into the rock quarry, and get right unto the lake. The last time I went to Teapot Mountain for a hike right near the rock quarry (sept 2016) there was a permeant gate blocking entry to the rock quarry.. But I'm sure if you really want to go you can park on the gravel road and walk in. Not sure how long it'd take, but it's not that far.

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