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Canada Kittil Falls Recreation Site

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An easily accessible, and beautiful waterfall located far from crowds and tourists. 

Kittil Falls is nestled near the edge of the Canadian Rockies. It is a peaceful site with only the sound of the waterfall to break the silence of the remote wilderness. The recreation site has about 2 campsites, one down stream of the waterfall and one right beside it. To get to the falls once at the Kittil Falls Recreation Site, you'll see a two-track path heading upstream of the creek. Follow it for about 200m (650ft) and you will hear the waterfall just before you see it. There is a little path to get down to the edge of the creek, be careful though as the rocks are very slippery. If you want, there is faint evidence of a game trail leading up to the top of the waterfall, but be careful as the trek up is quite slippery with rocks and wet dead logs and branches. 

Google Map directions to the waterfall and recreation site can be found here. 

 It will take around 2 hours to drive out there depending on the condition of the gravel roads. Keep an eye out for moose, elk, and bears as there are lots of wildlife in this area. To get there follow Highway 16 East of Prince George and turn left onto Upper Fraser Road. Follow Upper Fraser Road past Willow River, Eaglet Lake and Newlands. Keep going until you pass over a large one way bridge crossing the Fraser River. Turn right at the junction and keep going for about 1km until you see a sign on your left saying Pass Lake Road. Follow this road until km 46 and then turn right onto the McGregor Sande FSR. Follow this road for about 9km. There will be a sign on the right for Kittil Falls Recreation Site just before a small one way bridge. 

There are potholes on these gravel roads, be sure that your vehicle is in good condition and that you have a spare tire, just in case. Be aware that these roads are active logging roads. Always give logging trucks the right of way and pay attention. 

GPS Coordinates: 54.10217341, -121.2182934

Pack List

  • Lunch/snacks as it will be at least half day adventure or longer.
  • Camera and tripod
  • Warm clothes, mountain weather changes fast.
  • Emergency gear (extra food, blankets, water etc)
  • Good shoes with good grip
  • Recommend a GPS or Spot if you are not familiar with the area
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How to Get There

10 months ago

Peaceful and Beautiful place

It is likely if you head out here to camp or to just check out the waterfall you will be the only one in a very large area... especially during the week. To be able to fall asleep to the rush of the waterfall and to photograph such a perfect waterfall is pretty awesome.

10 months ago

Added by Kaila Walton

I grew up on Denman Island BC, Canada and now I am currently based in Prince George. I love hiking, photography and road trips. I'm also a huge waterfall junkie.


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Spring, Summer, Autumn



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