Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Top Spots in and near Inuvik

  • 158 Navy Road, Northwest Territories

    Explore Tuktoyaktuk and the Beaufort Sea

    116.2 mi / 119 ft gain
    Tuktoyaktuk is an isolated hamlet on the east side of the Mackenzie Delta surrounded entirely by Arctic wilderness. For almost its entire existence, it has only been accessible by boat or airplane, or an ice road in the winter—but in 2017 an 187 km all-weather road was completed connecting it to ...
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  • Inuvik, Northwest Territories

    Drive the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road

    200 mi
    This adventure starts in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada and ends in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories Canada. But before I get into the journey itself let me elaborate a little more on the title. The reason they call this a winter road instead of just a road is because it is a road that i...
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