Mount Glasgow is either a 23 km round trip, or part of a four peak traverse just a touch over 25 km. A short bike, long walk up a creek bed and through the canyon, and ending on a total slog, Glasgow is the true gateway to the Elbow-Sheep Wildland.

As with most hikes in the Bragg Creek/Little Elbow area, the trail begins at the Little Elbow campground. To make the hike a tiny bit shorter, most people bike for the first 4 km on the Big Elbow trail to South Glasgow Creek. If you're not using a GPS trail, you'll know you're at the creek once you hit the open creek bed - very wide, cannot miss.

Now that I'm writing this, I'm at a loss of words as to what the next direction is because it'll be the only direction you'll follow for the next... many hours? Head west up South Glasgow Creek. That's it. The good news? There are a few bumps in the road. You'll walk through small canyons, scale a couple of (possibly wet or dry) waterfalls - it's actually a really nice hike up the creek itself. Hopefully you've planned ahead and are doing this in the summer where daylight hours are long, and if you are, you're in luck because you'll be in the shade for most - if not all - of the morning.

You'll follow the creek for about 6 km at which point you'll start ascending the southeast slope of Glasgow. It's a slog. There's a bit of a ridge that you can hop on, but it's all a slog. I'm having trouble remembering the best way to go up it, but there's not. It's all one slope. All one slog. 

One thing I will say about the ascent is that the scramble to the summit seemed like it was easier on the SE side. I had come off the summit on the SW side and was able to pick my way down fine enough though.

I found that the summit provided amazing views to the south, but decided to lose a few metres of elevation to explore the pinnacles on the north side of the mountain. Since it was midday, the light on the northern landscape was perfect and excellent for photos.

I only had enough time (and probably energy) to knock Glasgow off the day that I did it, but it can be turned into an epic 4 peak traverse that hits Mount Cornwall, Outlaw Peak, and Banded Peak. It doesn't add too much distance onto the already long Glasgow scramble, but does gain and lose a few hundred metres of elevation a few times. I'll get around to doing that in 2017!

Pack List

  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking poles
  • Snacks and water (LOTS)
  • Camera
  • Bear spray
  • Appropriate layers and clothing
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RT Distance 14.3 Miles
Elevation Gain 4265.1 Feet
Activities Photography, Hiking
Skill Level Intermediate
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
Trail Type Out-and-Back
Easy Parking


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