Hike to Elk Falls, B.C.

1.5 miles 0 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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Enjoy the roaring falls from up above on the suspension bridges. Also a great option for some friendly camping.

Once you park, you'll walk along the tracks roughly northeast-ish and then cross over the tacks. The trail marker is shown at the parking lot to the falls, where you can enjoy some wooden carvings. When you head out on the trail, continue straight. You will come to a gravel road used for construction vehicles, but just keep going straight. 

When you reach the first trail map, you can either turn right, and go to the canyon, or you can turn left, and go to the falls. When going towards the falls, you will come to another fork in the trail. Straight will take you to the back of the falls, but if you turn right, you will get to see the falls from the front, and go to the suspension bridge. Once on the suspension bridge, you can see the canyon and the falls from up above. 

The falls are so powerful that they sound like thunder as they roar to the canyon below. The view is beautiful, but try to get there early because it gets very busy with the hustle and bustle of Vancouver Island. This is a provincial park, and there is a campground nearby, so this is a great option. 

If you continue along the trails, you reach Deer Falls. It is only another 0.18 miles from Elk Falls, and if you choose to go here, the trail does loop back. If you just choose to do Elk Falls it is an out and back trail. 

If you are camping here, you'll need reservations on the weekend which you can find here. The river is a world renowned fishing area. From November to March the salmon swim in the river right past the campsites. There is a salmon hatchery near by, and in the fall you can see the salmon spawn right in the rivers. This campground is known as the "Salmon Capital of the World." 

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ūü•áTop Contributor

over 2 years ago

Classic Van island waterfall

This waterfall is easy to get to with lots of view points to look at the falls. It is beautiful in any season (but I do prefer winter personally). Go early in the day to beat the bigger crowds!

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