Hike the Walter Bean Grand River Trail (Section 1-2)

4.3 miles 100 ft gain  - Loop Trail

Added by Thomas Ostapchuk

Cross waterfalls, dangle your feet over the cliff edge, and explore the habitat home to one of the most biologically diverse areas in the region.

Start by parking in the lot just off of Highway 42, and check out the trail map. There is a maintained trail perfect for biking or walking, or a forest trail for intermediate walkers. A good way to do this trail is start by heading to the waterfall, then back up and follow the forest trail north until it meets back up with the main trail (about 3-4km). 

To the waterfall:

Exit the parking lot by walking into the woods along the trail. Take the fork in the forest trail to the right, and follow along about 400m. Pass the first path down the cliff and take the second. This is a steep rock "staircase" that can be very slippery when wet, be careful going down. Turn right and follow the trail 30m to the waterfall. The trail crosses the falls, but use extreme caution as it is very slippery. Two small caves can be accessed on the other side.

Back to the lookout:

Back up on the forest trail, turn right from the waterfall "staircase" and follow the trail until it opens up with views of Galt and the golf course across the river. Awesome spot for a picnic!

Along the trail:

Following the forest trail further will take you through a stunning hike that features wildflowers, tranquil forests, and glimpses of the picturesque river before you exit through a large meadow. Keep an eye out for ospreys in their nests above the meadow!

Getting back:

Turn left out of the forest trail back onto the Walter Bean Grand River Trail to get back to the parking lot (about 2km).

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Overall rating: 

Great improv hiking

After following previous instruction and making it to the water falls, my friend and I followed a less travelled trip along the the cliffs with a great view!

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