Hike the Shipyard/Titanic Trail

2.5 miles 400 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Kaila Walton

You can't go wrong with amazing mountain views and huge geological rock formations that look like a shipwreck and the titanic.

This hike already starts in the alpine, but still gains a decent amount of elevation. While hiking on the trail you walk through alpine forests, big boulders, and a beautiful alpine meadow. There is a formation of gravity defying rocks called the Spanish Armada and with a little bit of an imagination it kind of looks like a shipwreck on a mountain. Hiking further, and up higher past the Shipwreck rocks, you'll gain some more elevation and eventually wind up on top of the Titanic, which looks like the huge bow of a ship. Once up on top of the Titanic rock there are plenty of spots to relax and have a snack while enjoying the stunning views of mountains in the distance. There is no cell phone service in this area, so be prepared for that.

The bugs, including mosquitoes and all kinds of nasty flies can get pretty bad, so wearing pants and bringing tons of bug spray is something I would highly recommend. 

To get to the Shipyard/Titanic trailhead, head Southeast from Tumbler Ridge on Highway 52 towards Alberta. At about 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) there will be a sign on the right hand side of the road indicating to turn right to get to Boulder Gardens, Babcock Falls, and Shipyard/Titanic. Then take the Core Lodge Road, which is gravel, and at the 5.7 kilometre (3.5 mile) mark make a left turn. Make a right turn at the 12.9 kilometre (8 mile) mark, as a left turn would take  you to the mine, and then take another road to the right at the 13.4 kilometre (8.3 mile) mark. Continue on this road until you pass an open gate, and then there will be a big blue sign on a tree showing the trailhead to Shipyard/Titanic.

Be aware that you are in black bear and grizzly country, so it is a good idea to bring bear spray along as well.  

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Fun hike, great for rock climbing and definitely a cool spot if you’re a photographer!

Kyle M

Fun easy like lots of cool places to explore.


over 3 years ago


Great views! I've seen people of all ages on this trail, but beware as it is quite uphill. Awesome spot for photos, rock climbing, and seeing some wildlife!

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