Hike the Prairie View - Jewel Pass Loop

9.3 miles 2050.5 ft gain  - Loop Trail

Added by Cassidy Vanderhoek

Great Shoulder Season Hike close to Calgary. Take in beautiful views of Barrier Lake and Mount Baldy.

Park at the Barrier Lake day use area on Hwy. 40. Make your way across the dam heading west. Follow the main trail slightly north west into the trees and begin your ascent. Mostly long switchbacks with some sections getting a bit steeper near the top. As soon as you break through the trees, you'll have amazing views of Barrier Lake and Mount Baldy. The trail continues on leading to another look out point where you can score some sweet views from the cliff's edge.

 From this point, you can either turn around and head back down the way you came, or you can continue on the trail heading south. The trail turns into Jewel Pass and loops around the backside of the mountain. Along this section of the trail you will pass Jewel Falls. Then you continue towards the lake, ending at the far South side. Finish off with a walk along the lake shore back to the trail head. 

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September 22, 2020

It was a beautiful day to do this hike, being +17C and slightly cloudy with a slight breeze. We did the route going up the switchbacks to the different viewpoints and peaks, walking ‘down’ by the creek, waterfall and lake towards the parking lot. My friend and I who did this hike are recreational hikers and we didn’t experience too much difficulty doing this route. The incline was gradual throughout the ascent and the paths are well maintained and easy to navigate. There are also plenty of signs along the way to guide you along the right paths! All in in all, this was a great hike to do if you’re a beginner but do be prepared for sore feet because 15k is still 15k! Happy and safe adventuring everyone!

Great all around hike for everyone!

This is a hike, while not extreme in slope or terrain, that offers a very good effort/reward ratio. It is a fairly busy hike (saw two groups of day camp kids just on the way up) so get an early start!

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