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The Best Backpacking in Squamish-Lillooet A

Looking for the best backpacking in Squamish-Lillooet A? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Squamish-Lillooet A. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top backpacking spots in and near Squamish-Lillooet A

  • Squamish-Lillooet A, British Columbia

    Mountain Bike the South Chilcotins

    The South Chilcotin Mountains are a veritable mountain biking and hiking paradise. With hundreds of kilometers of dry, flowy mixed use trails and epic scenery, it would be easy to spend weeks exploring this area.Many of the trails begin and end at Tyax Wilderness Resort, with the option to drive ...
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  • Squamish-Lillooet C, British Columbia

    Backpack to Semaphore Lakes

    3.1 mi / 1000 ft gain
    How does a series of sparkling blue alpine lakes, beautiful mountains, a huge waterfall, glacier and uncrowded camping sound to you? For me, the area around Semaphore Lakes has been one of my favorite destinations for quite a while. It has some of the best camping you could hope for, and two incr...
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  • D'Arcy, British Columbia

    Hike to Mt Rohr

    / 3200 ft gain
    The Duffy Lake Road area is a scrambling paradise. If you love exploring the alpine off trail, this would be the place.Mt Rohr is a prominent peak, located just above Duffy Lake. One of the highlights of this trip is that you get to hike directly beside the incredible glaciers of Joffre Peak, as ...
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  • Squamish-Lillooet C, British Columbia

    Joffre Lakes Trail

    5.67 mi / 1266 ft gain
    Joffre Lakes is a well loved destination, and for good reason: it is absolutely stunning. Not only is it located on one of the most scenic drives you could ever hope to find (Duffy Lake Road) , but it's possible to enjoy this area no matter how much time you have, or how much hiking you want to d...
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  • Squamish-Lillooet C, British Columbia

    Backcountry Camp Upper Joffre Lake

    3.1 mi / 2952.8 ft gain
    Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is located roughly three hours from Vancouver north of Whistler and Pemberton on Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky Highway).  The drive itself up to the trailhead is very scenic and worth it in itself.  Once you get to the parking lot, park your car anywhere in the lot and consi...
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  • Squamish-Lillooet C, British Columbia

    Snowshoe Joffre Lakes

    6.2 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
    The Canadian west coast mountains around Whistler BC receive over thirty feet of snow each winter. This area is well known for epic skiing and snowboarding, and it's also a really fun place to go snowshoeing. Here's a winter version of the incredible Joffre Lakes adventure (see my profile to read...
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  • D'Arcy, British Columbia

    Overnight at Keith's Hut

    5.6 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
    Starting from the side of the highway outside of Pemberton, continue towards Duffy Lake past Joffre Lake trail head. Cross the Cayoosh Creek bridge and pass the work sheds on your right with a green roof, 3.3km from this is a shoulder and between no-stopping avalanches areas, you will see a pull ...
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  • Whistler, British Columbia

    Hike the Mt. Currie Trail

    9.9 mi
    Mt Currie is the giant mountain that sits above the village of Pemberton BC. It soars 7800 vertical feet from the valley floor to the summit in sheer cliffs. (The mountain itself is 8517ft high.)Before 2014, the only way to reach the summit was to bushwack the entire 7800ft climb (we did this two...
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