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Nanaimo F, British Columbia

Top Spots in and near Nanaimo F

  • Bowen Island, British Columbia

    Hike Mount Gardner on Bowen Island

    10.6 mi / 2358.9 ft gain
    Mount Gardner is the highest point on Bowen Island. I love visiting Bowen. It is a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay but feels a world’s away from the city.  I climbed to the top of Mount Gardner a few years ago during the summer, but had yet to do it in the winter. I was excited to see wha...
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  • Port Renfrew, British Columbia

    Hike to the Red Creek Fir

    I’m blessed with a husband who is crazy enough to agree to my endless adventures! When I suggested we go find the tallest Douglas Fir Tree in the world, and we happened to be in the area, my husband again said, “why not!”For anyone who just has to see it for themselves, here’s some directions:Fo...
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