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  • British Columbia
  • Kitimat Stikine A
  • Kitimat-Stikine A, British Columbia

    Top Spots in and near Kitimat-Stikine A

    • Kitimat-Stikine A, British Columbia

      Bear Glacier

      There is no hiking involved to view this magnificent glacier en route to Stewart BC via Highway 37A.  Bear River pass was once filled with ice, and in the 1940's Bear Glacier began its retreat. Strohn Lake formed once the glacier retreated enough.  Getting to the base of Bear Glacier is possibl...
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    • Stewart, British Columbia

      Photograph Salmon Glacier

      The Salmon Glacier, which is the fifth largest glacier in Canada, is a reminder of the great age of glaciers. It is a spectacular sight in almost any weather conditions, as long as the clouds aren't low in the valley blocking the view of the glacier.  There is a self guided auto tour with stops a...
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