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  • Fraser Fort George H
  • Fraser-Fort George H, British Columbia

    Top Spots in and near Fraser-Fort George H

    • Jasper, Alberta

      Explore Lake Annette in Jasper National Park

      With a paved path around the lake, picnic tables, fire pits and grills, and fresh glacial fed waters, this is the ideal spot to bring your whole family or group for a summer day in Jasper National Park. There are established hiking trails around the lake where you're almost guaranteed to see some...
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    • Jasper, Alberta

      Explore Edith Lake in Jasper National Park

      One of the warmer lakes in Jasper National Park, Lake Edith is a great spot to post up and spend the day hanging in the summer sun. It comes with fewer amenities than neighboring and more popular Lake Annette, so naturally you'll see slightly fewer people. It does come with a public dock, but rem...
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