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    Looking for the best rock climbing in Waterton? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Waterton. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near Waterton

    • Browning, Montana

      Hike the Skyline Experience

      12.62 mi / 6500 ft gain
      The route starts from Many Glacier at the Cracker Lake Trailhead, about 5000 feet. Hike the trail about 2 miles until you come to a fork, stay right here to keep your approach hike a little shorter. Hikers wind through switchbacks and beautiful meadows and forests on the way to a crossing of Crac...
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    • Browning, Montana

      Climb Pollock Mountain and Bishop's Cap

      8 mi / 4300 ft gain
      Starting at Logan Pass, drive 0.8 mi. east to Lunch Creek parking area. Parking during the summer at Glacier National Park is often difficult. Plan on arriving at the parking lot before 8 am to guarantee a parking spot. From Lunch Creek, follow the well established trail north until cliffs are re...
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    • Browning, Montana

      Reynolds Mountain

      11 mi / 2500 ft gain
      Reynolds Mountain stands high above the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Because of it's easy location, be prepared to get caught in the heavy rush of tourists on the way up. Though most will not be going to Reynolds Mountain, you will still need to "wade" through heavy tourism to reach the trail he...
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    • Browning, Montana

      Hike Mount Siyeh

      8.45 mi / 4209 ft gain
      Once the Going-To-The-Sun Road has opened fully, this massive peak is accessible by driving to Siyeh Bend on the east side of the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Plan on a sun up to sun down adventure. Choose a sunny summer day and head up to hit the trail! Park at Siyeh Bend, and start on the Pie...
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    • Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

      Hike Turtle Mountain

      4.3 mi / 3051.2 ft gain
      Turtle Mountain will make any hiker work for the reward at the end of the trail. While it offers panoramic views of the valleys and mountains surrounding it, as well as a aerial "looking down upon" view of the famous Frank Slide - the hike even takes you to the top of the mountain above the slide...
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