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Building the Outbound, raising some kids, and getting outside. Results may vary.

Really enjoyable little adventure. A relatively short hike down to the water where you’ll enjoy amazing views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge. Great for families.

There are two places where you need to cross the creek. When we went, there were some makeshift logs pulled together to cross. Lots of folks still got wet. If you don’t want to deal with getting your feet wet, your best bet is probably wearing some tall rain boots or Chaco-style sandals.

This is a really pleasant little hike with a pretty gradual ascent throughout. There is also some nice tree coverage along the trail to help during hotter days. The trail turns into an access road near the top (about 2/3 of the way into the hike), which is less ideal, but still nice. At the top of the ridge, you have views of both the bay and Mt Tam. The trail is also popular with mountain bikers, so keep an eye out. Dogs are allowed on leash.

This is a great ridge top hike that provides nice views of both the Terra Linda and Sleepy Hollow neighborhoods. Easy parking. Almost no shade on sunny days, so plan accordingly.

Nice loop along the water that lets you stretch your legs and check out the sights of neighborhood.

Awesome little redwood hike tucked away in Larkspur. Fun area to explore.

We had the pleasure of staying here for a few days during a west coast road trip this past summer. It was a wonderful basecamp for exploring Bend and the surrounding areas. The accommodations and the property were great for our family, and the staff were all very friendly and informative. Definitely recommend.

Easy parking and a short, uphill walk out to the point. It's a stunning spot to catch a sunset or to simply relax and take in the views.

This is a pretty amazing place to take friends or family members who don't like the idea of roughing it, but who still want to be in the outdoors. The market is a short walk away from all of the sites and has everything you need - smores kits, firewood, and they even serve breakfast. I highly recommend this spot for easy, casual camping.

This great little hike has it all - beautiful scenery, a nice workout, and several spots to take some photos. Definitely one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area, especially after some rain.

Fun way to get some exercise and experience the Golden Gate. And I highly recommend taking the ferry back.

This can actually be a pretty fun wave if there's enough size. But assuming you get it good, there's going to be a pretty heavy local vibe regulating things. Be patient and be respectful if you decide to paddle out.

It seems like San Francisco has an endless number of stair workouts, but the Coit Tower Stairs is one of my favorites. It's a killer workout that provides amazing views at the top. If you're brave, or in really good shape, go for a few repeats. Beats a gym workout any day.

It takes a little bit of work to get down there, but the views are well worth it. It's a unique angle of the Golden Gate that your friends/family from out of town will really appreciate. Side note: there's a pretty good chance you'll see some naked people as you get closer to the bridge.

Easily my favorite spot to surf in the Bay Area. Definitely not a spot for beginners when there's swell in the water. Even when it's small, there can be strong rips and currents moving in/out of the bay. Middle of the beach is typically going to be bigger than the south/north ends.

This is a go-to hike for anyone looking to experience iconic San Francisco views with very little effort. This is more of a beautiful walk than a hike - many people do it with a coffee in hand. Perfect for families (of all ages) and out of town guests.

On a nice weekend day, you'll need to get there a bit early to secure a picnic table and grill. Parking is pretty easy and the views of the Golden Gate can't be beat. This area also tends to get a bit breezy in the afternoon, so be sure to pack a jacket.

Looking for a fun/alternative date idea? You can't really go wrong renting a row boat on Stow Lake. You'll have a blast goofing around and awkwardly trying to figure out how to row a boat in a straight line. Pack some snacks and bring a few of your favorite beverages and it will definitely be a day to remember.

This is an awesome stair workout with incredible views of the San Francisco Bay. Lyon Street Steps is actually comprised of two sets of stairs - the bottom set is really steep and a killer workout. The top set is much more gradual and easier to tackle. Run a few laps up both and you'll be feeling it the next day for sure.

This hike is an absolute blast. Like previous reviewers have mentioned, finding your way down to the start of the Left Fork can be a bit confusing at times. Here's a tip: getting there shouldn't require anything too crazy/scary to get down. We got sidetracked twice and both times the route in front of us was a bit sketchier than we imagined it should be for such a popular hike. Once you get down into the canyon, you'll have an amazing time. Note: This hike requires rappelling, so you and your group should have the proper equipment and knowledge.

This is one of Zion's most popular hikes, and for good reason. It's a relatively short hike, but with a big payoff at the top. The last .5 miles also requires hikers to use chains bolted along the route. For most experienced hikers (who are in relatively good shape), this last section of the hike shouldn't be a problem at all. I definitely would not recommend it for really young children. Tip: In the summer, try to get to the trailhead early to beat the crowds and the heat. If you get a late start, expect a bit of a wait along the upper part of the trail. Still, it's an iconic hike and worth checking off of your bucket list.

We hiked it in late November, after the first bit of snow. It was beautiful, but the trail was a bit icy. We took our time and were just fine - would definitely recommend it to anyone.

The yurts are great and the campground is super clean and very well maintained.