5 Bay Area Turkey Day Hikes To Earn That Extra Pie



Brian Heifferon

Go back for seconds...or thirds. You earned it.

There's no better feeling than laying down on the couch and entering the food coma that inevitably comes after your Thanksgiving feast. This is something everyone deserves to indulge in. But how much better will your body feel the next day if you've earned that food coma with a holiday hike? Start your Turkey Day off on the right foot with some outdoor exercise at one of these local Bay Area favorites. The further down the list you go, the tougher the hike and the more pie you can stuff into your face guilt-free.

1. Sunrise Hike to Hawk Hill

Photo: Brian Heifferon

Start your holiday weekend off with one of the most beautiful views of San Francisco at sunrise. You can basically drive up to this point or make a short ~1 mile hike. Either way, you got up at sunrise so you can eat all the pie you want. Learn more.

2. Hike the Lands End Trail

Photo: Julien Bacal

Need a good hike right in San Francisco? Lands End provides many options to explore and the 3 mile trail is family friendly. Learn more.

3. Explore Muir Woods

Photo: Katch Silva

While there are other, less crowded redwood groves in the Bay Area, Muir Woods National Monument is easily one of the best. Learn more.

4. Hike the Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Trail

Photo: Ryan Vermilion

Looking for a redwood hike with some heavier milage? This 7.5 mile hike through redwoods and ferns is not only tough enough to earn the second helping, it’s also a ton of fun and incredibly scenic. Learn more.

5. Hike the Summit of Mount Diablo

Photo: Christian Arballo

For those looking to REALLY earn a huge meal, this half-day hike is for you! This 6.8-mile ascent (13-miles roundtrip) up Mount Diablo’s 3,849 ft peak will provide you with the some of the most expansive views in California. If you choose to tackle this beast, be sure to pack plenty of water, snacks, and optimism. Learn more.

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Published: November 25, 2014

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