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Halls Gap, Victoria

Top Spots in and near Halls Gap

  • Halls Gap, Victoria

    Backpack to Bugiga Hikers Camp

    10.7 mi / 2755.9 ft gain
    Starting in the town of Halls Gap, leave your car in the car park indicated on the map. From here, make your way west, away from the town and towards the forest. You will walk past the botanical gardens and wild kangaroos to the start of the trail. At the start of the trailhead, there is a fork. ...
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  • Bellfield, Victoria

    Hike to Mount Rosea

    10.6 mi / 2395 ft gain
    There are several different ways you can get to Mount Rosea, parking on either side of the Grampians Peaks Trail. As well, you can camp on either side (or create a longer backpacking circuit from Hall's Gap), staying at either Borough Huts or Bugiga Hikers Camp.  Starting from Borough Huts, you c...
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  • Zumsteins, Victoria

    Hike to Fish Falls, Grampians NP

    2.9 mi / 150 ft gain
    Start at the Zumsteins Picnic Area Car Park, and follow the signs and track to Fish Falls to the right. You'll follow along the river for about 2.5km before coming up onto Fish Falls. The path is very easy to follow, and has some areas of gradual ascent/descent along the walk. Along the way you'l...
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  • Glenisla, Victoria

    Backpack to The Fortress and Mt Thackeray

    17.4 mi / 3937 ft gain
    In the summer, this hike can be extremely dry, so make sure to bring lots of water. There are some creeks that offer water, but they can be mere trickles at certain times of year (as we found out!). The first day of the hike is 6km. To start, head to the south section of the car park and follow t...
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  • Arapiles, Victoria

    Rock Climb Mount Arapiles

    The nearest regional centre to the Arapiles, is Horsham. Head west from there on the Wimmera Highway until you get to the small township of Natimuk. There’s a really good general store there for some basic last minute supplies. From there, you can’t miss the mountain range. It’s dramatic, stunnin...
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  • Hamilton, Victoria

    Explore the Hamilton Botanical Gardens

    The Hamilton Gardens is a massive property right along the Waikato River which runs through the city. The focus of the gardens is to replicate the historical gardens of specific civilizations around the world.Parking is very easy as there is a massive lawn in front of the entrance and there is no...
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