Photograph the Three Sisters

0.75 miles 200 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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The Three Sisters is the most iconic rock formation in the Blue Mountains. Don't just stand at the overlook with the crowds of tourists; hike a few dozen steep steps down to the rocks and see them from a different, up-close-and-personal perspective.

No visit to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains would be complete without viewing the Three Sisters. There is a main viewing area at Echo Point, which offers amazing views of the rock formation and the surrounding valley, with the Blue Mountain's signature hazy blue tint. However, this area can get packed with tourists all lining up to snap a picture at the best vantage point. 

After you've gotten your picture at Echo Point, walk down to the adjacent pathway to stand at the base of these towering rocks. The walk starts from the left side of Echo Point and makes its way through some forest. Then, go down a few dozen steep and winding stairs to get to the bridge that crosses onto the first of the Three Sisters. The steps are super steep, so take your time and use the handrails, and take extra caution if wet. The walk is short yet exhilarating, and the different perspective of the Three Sisters is well worth it. 

There are many other walking tracks in this area if you want to turn this into a day trek, such as Federal Pass, Dardanelles Pass, and the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. These go to other area attractions like Scenic World, Katoomba Falls, Leura Cascades, and tons of great views.

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ūü•áTop Contributor

3 months ago

Impressive, however Blue Mountains have much more to offer

Three Sisters is a spectacle to look at and I believe that you can't miss it should you visit Blue Mountains. Although, I understand that the Three Sisters is the signature site of Blue Mountains, having hiked the place for two days, I believe that there so much more there to see that you definitely should not stop only there! I visited the place in June, so I didn't have the experience of the OP with crowds or too many people. The weather was great, so I can recommend this time of year.

Great View

Any time of day makes the view spectacular- particularly if it’s a gloomy and fog soaked skyline

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