Backpack Freycinet National Park Circuit

Freycinet National Park Car Park, Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia

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    Camping, Swimming, Backpacking, Hiking

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    Spring, Summer, Autumn

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  • RT Distance:

    18.1 Miles

  • Elevation Gain:

    2690.3 Feet


A beautiful four day circuit hike in eastern Tasmania filled with wildlife and stunning views. Campsites all sit on white sand beaches on the ocean, ending on the famous Wineglass Bay.

We saw a significant amount of wildlife on this walk, so keep your eyes peeled! Wildlife that we saw included wallabies, dolphins, manta rays, and lots of beautiful birds. Also seen here are wombats, fairy penguins, and possums (though we missed these).

The four day circuit can be made harder if you compress the days below, though if you can take the time I would enjoy the gorgeous beach-side campsites the park has to offer.

Day 1 - 8km

Starting at the information board in the carpark, follow the Wineglass Bay Track until you reach the Hazards Beach Track. Follow the Hazards Beach Track, skirting around Mt Mayson (415m), and take in the stunning views of the ocean as you climb along. From here, you will get to Lamana Lookout, where you get a view of the water before you head down to Hazards Beach. 

Walk down to Hazards Beach for 3.2 kms until you reach Lagunta Creek, the campground you will be staying at for the night. Here, there is a reliable fresh water source 100m upstream. Make sure to load up, as this is the last reliable water source on the hike.

Day 2 (5.2km, optional 6km return trip)

From the creek, continue south through open forest for 1.7km to Ortewenah Creek and collect water if available and needed, as the tanks at Cooks Hut don't always have water. Continue for 2.3 km south-west through the forest to Cooks Beach. Cross the creek and follow the shore until you reach a rock platform in the middle of the bay. Just past this point, you will find the Cooks Beach camping area, which looks out on the water. Inland from the beach, there is a hut where you can stay if wanted and has water tanks attached to the side. 

There is an out and back to Bryans Beach, 6km return. From Cooks Hut (inland from the beach), follow the walking track for 3kms south. Here you can see some great views of Schouten Island.

Day 3 (13.8 km, optional 1.4km return trip)

A very tough day, but offers the best views! 

From Cooks Hut, head north back to the track junction on Regleeta Creek. Follow the track right inland through the forest and up onto the ridge crest into East Freycinet Saddle. Follow the gully until you reach a camping area around 4.5 km from Cooks Hut, where you can sometimes find water if there's been a wet period. Follow the track north from here to the major saddle between Mt Freycinet and Mt Graham, where there are more views. 

In this saddle is the optional scramble to Mt Freycinet (620m tall, 260m climb, highest view in the park). The junction can be seen to the left of the track. This summit offers the best views of the park, including Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach (picture included above). Highly recommended, but tough! 

Continue along the track, which takes you up Mt Graham. At the top of Mt Graham, you can see gorgeous views of the park at 579m. From here, the track decends quickly down towards Wineglass Bay. More beautiful views of Wineglass Bay and The Hazards can be seen as you walk. 

The campsite for your final night is at Wineglass Bay, at the end of the track. Here you can take advantage of the popular beach and the friendly wallabies that hang around the campground. 

Day 4 (3.1 km)

Follow the beach and head to the other side of Wineglass Bay until you reach the track junction at the north end. Here, follow the track up to the saddle, where you can enjoy some viewing platforms along the way if you wish. The track will lead you back to the carpark where the walk started.

Pack List

  • If you're just starting out, I recommend to get lightweight and compressible gear whenever possible
  • For both beginner and experienced backpackers, I've created a list of items that would be useful on the trail
  • Please note that water can be scarce, so make sure to bring several waterbottles and research water sources before you go.
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping supplies (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad)
  • Warm clothes if not hiking in the summer for nighttime (it gets cold!) and extra socks
  • Snacks, breakfast, dinner (and a stove with fuel)
  • Pots, plates, and cutlery
  • Waterbottle and water treatment method
  • First aid kit, flashlight, knife
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Between the beachside camping areas, abundant wildlife, and stunning mountaintop views, this park had it all!

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

Katie Kessel Explorer

An avid hiker and backpacker from the PNW currently living in Melbourne. I love capturing pictures of all the beautiful places I’ve had the opportunity to visit and I'm always looking for the next park to explore!

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