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Ashley Chang

I'm live in San Francisco and spend my weekends in the mountains. I love getting outdoors and exploring new places. Feel free to ask me about any of my adventures! I'd love to join you on yours sometime.

Many people do this as a strenuous day hike, but it can also be done as a backpacking trip with a permit (reserved ahead of time or picked up the day of at the Wilderness Center). Once you get to the top of the trail you'll see a sign for "Yosemite Valley 3.2 miles". Instead of crossing the creek here toward Yosemite Point, continue along the creek toward Eagle Peak. Once you reach the fork in the trail, with more signs, find a good place to set up camp! Then spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the rim!

Loved this walk close to SF! The lighthouse and beach are beautiful. It's more of a stroll than a hike (most of the path is paved), but the scenery is beautiful and it's a great getaway from the city.

Beautiful views!!

Great hike for only a short drive away from SF! Try to get there in the morning and you'll end up at the beach for lunch! It's beautiful both ways, but make sure to bring food and water as it's uphill coming back!

This is a beautiful hike in the Bay Area and rarely crowded. No dogs are allowed, and the second part is uphill so bring a snack and water for the way back up.