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0.1 miles 20 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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Point Sublime requires a bit of work to get to, but after traversing the 14 miles of narrow, rocky roads you will be rewarded with an unprecedented view of the Grand Canyon. It is truly sublime: of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

Its name says it all; this panoramic viewpoint at the north rim of the Grand Canyon is sublime: of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. For newcomers to the Grand Canyon, this view might just leave you speechless!

A relatively few people get to experience Point Sublime, largely due to the rough and narrow 14 mile dirt road that needs to be traversed to reach this epic viewpoint. For those that don't have a high clearance vehicle that they don't mind getting a bit scratched up (you will need to get it buffed afterwards!), you could mountain bike out to Point Sublime from the vicinity of the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge. Whether driving or cycling, from State Route 67 just a couple miles north of the Lodge, turn west on to the road signed as "Widforss Trail". This quickly turns into the road to Point Sublime and all signage adjusts accordingly. The first 3 miles is an easy and well maintained dirt road. Miles 4-10 are much rougher and quite narrow (see example photo included in this post). Be careful on your drive out and keep an eye out for wildlife (bison roam this area!).

If you are familiar with the road, have a great off road vehicle, and the road conditions are good, you could make this drive in 45 minutes one way. Most people will take 90-120 minutes one way, taking a leisurely pace stopping at a viewpoint or two along the way. Drive safe and keep in mind places behind you that you could reverse and pull over to let someone pass, in the event you encounter someone driving the opposite direction while on a narrow portion of the road.

For the yoga enthusiasts among us, it would be hard to find a better place than Point Sublime to practice yoga; sunrise or sunset would be epic! 

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