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1 Miles Round Trip - 100 ft gain - Loop Trail

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Discover incredible Slot Canyons without the crowds of Antelope.

Canyon X is just a little further than Antelope if you are coming from page. If you want to avoid crowds and tour buses, check out the three incredible caves Canyon X has to offer.

There is only one company that does Canyon X tours as it Native owned. You can make a reservation here

When you get to the location, right off Highway 98, don’t be alarmed by the simple table and flag that awaits. After you park and check-in, they will drive you in their cars to the canyons. The Canyon is 3 miles away. Walk 100 meters to the bottom of the hill and find the first slot to your left. There is another slot 200 meters from there. Don’t miss out on the last slot which is located at the top of the hill and by the pickup location.

It’s a different experience, because up until now, few people visit these slots. There are no crowds like Antelope and the surrounding places in Page, so the lack of people may make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be. You can stay in these caves as long as you want. Although they are not as long as Antelope, there are three of them, so the amount of time and design of the caves is equivalent.

When you are done, just head to the top cave, or at the top of the hill, and the guides will bring you back to the parking.   


Easy Parking
Picnic Area


1 Miles
100 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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Highly recommend this tour. Way less crowded than upper/lower Antelope and just as gorgeous! Chris was awesome and played some beautiful music while we explored the slots, making it an even more incredible experience. Definitely recommend!