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Added by Derek Mathewson

...Just off Highway 40 in-between Flagstaff and Winslow Arizona, sits an abandoned ghost town called "Two Guns". I can't tell you how many times I've driven on the 40 (East or West) and had no idea this was here. This time around I made it a priority to stop and check this place out. For anyone that may not know, the cave gets its name "Apache Death Cave" due to a rumor that still stands today. The story goes that a group of Navajo scouts were tracking the Apache and found them staying in this cave. The Navajo then set the mouth of the cave on fire, and despite the Apache's best efforts to save themselves, they suffocated and killed all the Apache's inside. I've heard a few variations of this story, but this is the story I've heard most consistently, so this is the one I'm going with...lol. If I'm not mistaken, there were 42 Apaches that were killed in that cave.

That's the story, but at least for exploring the cave and getting there: If you're heading East on the I-40, you'll then take the exit "old sixty-six" and make a right taking the perimeter road (maybe a couple hundred feet) towards the ghost town where the ruins are. It's on old Route 66 and on the side with the abandoned gas station. When parked, look for the ruin above ground that has the wooden step ladder that takes you down to the cave. When I went, the ladder only had 2 or 3 steps still in place, so you'll have to scramble down the loose gravel, that's directly next to the ladder, to get down there. Once you've made it down, explore as far back as you possibly can. Depending on how far back you go, it almost kind of turns into an underground slot canyon, especially the way the cave really narrows out. There are also a few extra rooms in the cave where you can go and wander into. Once you're done, you'll head back the same way you came. The cave is cool, and worth checking out, but is a little creepy in some sections, especially knowing the history behind it! But other than that, there are definitely some sections in the cave where you'll need a flashlight or headlamp, so make sure you come prepared with one. Enjoy your time and respect the property.

Leave no trace and never stop exploring!

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