Andrew Wright

Needs to be taken better care of.

Trail started off pretty good as it was easy to find and parking wasn’t an issue as well as there not being any fees without camping. Parked in the circle and went to the barely noticeable trail head but there were no maps available... but once your on it it’s fairly easy to see the path. Mile 2-3 was very obscure and washed out requiring me to just get out a compass and figure it out on my own at one point. (Nothing wrong with that but it’s listed as a beginner trail) afterwards it was smooth sailing and a pleasant walk along the creek until the bridges started going missing around 5(1/2) miles in and it degrades to the point where I just had to find a hunting club road and track my way back on my own... I’m sure T-P&W will address these issues but until that point I remain disappointed. Great trail, lousy upkeep. (Side note, the camping grounds at this park are excellent as well as the facilities.)