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Alysha Painter

Me and my friends accidentally did this hike, I had a bad knee and decided I could only do a short hike but somehow we ended up on the trail for Nevada Falls. Despite limping for 80% of it the hike was spectacular, the views were breath taking, and the falls were roaring (December 2014). Definitely will do it again next time I'm in the area and not injured so I can fully enjoy it! Highly recommend.

Nice view. Down sides are that it gets very crowded and with the drought the falls aren't flowing much anymore.

I went to UCSC so this was an easy and fun hike to do when I had some free time. The hike itself is beautiful and the Lorenzo is awesome to swim and relax in. I saw some crayfish in the river once, which my friend was terrified of for some reason, so that provided extra entertainment. The train tracks are also great for pictures!

Super lovely hike. We saw what appeared to be a seashell fossil in a rock and ate lunch straddling the log over the waterfall! Lots of opportunities for pictures throughout the hike.

I've had quite a few bonfire's on Seabright as well as day time lounging, great place to have fun with friends. Can get pretty crowded during peak seasons but it's large enough it isn't too huge of an issue.

I did this hike a couple years ago with some friends. It's absolutely beautiful! We went counter-clockwise to get the more strenuous part out of the way early, which was a great choice. Definitely make sure you wear good hiking shoes, I was hurting by the end even in my Keens and I saw some people 5 miles deep in ballet flats looking miserable. The waterfalls are worth every inch of the 11 miles and the rest of the hike is awesome. Definitely recommend.