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Alicia Yancey

Explorer and creative. Lover of coffee, new cultures, and the great outdoors. Married to my burly bearded man and puppy mom to two brittany spaniels.

Fun and easy hike. We went with a large group of girls. The paths are very well marked/paved out. Beautiful falls. Pack a lunch and hang out on the rocks once you reach the base.

Easy to find, being right off the parkway, this trail makes for a quick and relaxing adventure. The trail is beautifully lined with rhodo trees and opens up to a grassy bald. Breath taking views, especially in the fall.

Watch the greatest come have it out with the river. Yak-er's covet the beautiful, fast, and direct Green River. Each year offering some new challenge based on the latest weather conditions. Some of the most challenging lines with very slim margins for error. It'll have your adrenaline pumping. Line after line, boat after boat, hoping that each guy/gal takes the best route or lands that perfect boof. Plenty of areas to set up shop to watch lines and cheer on favorites. Beautiful, slightly steep hike in. Makes for a perfect outdoor adventure in the fall. Also, beware of Sasquatch, as he's been made known to show his appearance :)

We hiked this section from Glacier Point. We were making our way to Tuolumne Meadows in a three night backcountry trip. Take the tour ride up. It's worth hearing the parks history. We camped the first night right off the panorama trail besides Iillilouette Creek. The next morning we hiked out and began our trek via the panorama trail towards Half Dome. It was moderately flat and had beautiful views of the valley. We didn't see a lot of folks on the trail near glacier point so it is a nice getaway, especially from the hectic activity in the valley. We ran into more as we came to Little Yosemite Valley near the falls. What I love about hiking this: you can see where you are going. We saw half done the entire time and each curve of the trail brought a different vantage point. We obviously had a map for our trip ( and I would highly advise to bring one) but we could see where we were going at all times. It has a very open skies feel.

This loop is easy enough to do in a few short hours. It provides a lot of diversity in flora and fauna. We went the "opposite way" aka counter clockwise. There were a lot of folks visiting that day so we opted to get away from the crowds in the beginning. Great opportunity to see wildlife as well. We saw marmots, deer, and a few black bears. Rainer received minimal rain so the snow had melted considerably. That allowed us to get to panorama point easier. You might even see backcountry groups heading up to some of the base camps.

Three of my friends went here for spring break in March. It's a beautiful mix of snow and warm afternoons. We wove down to Indian Creek, then all the way out to see the river. It started off chilly, but once we arrive in the "valley" the sun beat on our skin and we set out to see the Colorado River in full stride (it's pretty flat here). It's weird starting with a descent to turn around and climb. Easy trip to get into the canyon if you only have a day or so. Made it back just in time to see the sunset. Be aware of the climate changes. You'll start off shaded and cool but it will warm up as you get lower. Bring sunscreen and lots of water. Crampons were super helpful as well as we walked on some snowy/icy parts in the beginning. For the hardcore folks- great trail to run! My friend loves to run so she would run up a ways and wait for us all to catch up. It's a wider path with great views the whole way.

One of my favorites in the area! Starting at the Big East Fork trailhead you will follow the rivers beautiful clear waters and see multiple waterfalls as you make the climb up. Once you gain elevation, you'll be exposed to high altitude grassy balds with 360 degree views. You'll want to frolic through the exposed knobs and picnic for hours. Toughest part is making the climb up to graveyard fields or shining rock. Once you get there (4ish miles) the trails level out and the views outweigh any muscle soreness. We did a round-trip (18 miles ) in one day! So worth it! See a diversity of ecosystems: rhododendron tunnels, river beds, and exposed grassy balds. Started at graveyard fields parking, took the graveyard fields ridge to investor gap and caught the art loeb trail towards shining rock. After flower knob we headed down to the big east fork parking (major downhill) and caught the other big east fork trail back up to graveyard fields. Took 7 hours. Grabbed a beer at The Hub in Brevard on our way out! Perfect way to end the trip!