Adriana Jurasovic

Challenging but worth it!

I went in early summer when it was hot but not over 95 degrees, Goldstrike is usually closed most of the summer due to the extreme heat (Vegas people will understand). For the first mile and-a-half it was quite easy, but after a while it got more difficult with the ropes and it took some time more because it was crowded. I highly recommend going further down after the third pool to find a lovely hot waterfall and refreshing river. The walk back was exhausting after climbing so much and me, being smart (sarcasm) decided not to wait for other people pulling themselves up a rope, and jumped down about 6 ft onto a boulder and hurt my knees. So the walk back was very difficult but next time I will be slightly more careful. The only thing that I didn't like very much was how many people were there but when I found a nice spot Definitely going back again next summer, it was well worth the trip and a lot of fun.