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Zachary Oster

Did this hike with a buddy of mine. Absolutely loved it. Was definitely a burner and I'm feeling it the next day but the views from the top were breathtaking. Only downside and the reason I'm giving 4 stars is because the entire time no matter where you are on the trail or mountain you can here the droning of I90.

Very beautiful place to drive to. The 4x4 is not needed at all I made it in a sedan with ease. Make sure to bring rain gear as at any moment rain could bless your trip.

I drove along this today all the way to the camp grounds and it was breath taking. The views of the surrounding mountains coupled with the flowing river really made for an amazing drive. I will say that an aWD vehicle is not necessary as i tackled this drive in a ford focus. There are some major pot holes in some places on the road but can be maneuvered around. A high ground clearance vehicle would make the drive much easier though but don't be discouraged by the AWD warning it is not necessary.

This was an amazing hike to do. Only downside is that the road leading up is very steep and it's extremely bumpy which makes for a slow four miles if you drive a sedan. Other than that I would highly recommend that if you go on a hot day to cool off by taking a jump in the lake. Feels amazing.