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7 Ingredients to Elevate Your Breakfast Tacos

Step up your taco game with these easy additions

By: Will Hughes + Save to a List

Having been born and raised in Texas, Mexican food and Tex-Mex cuisine have always held a special place in my heart. While pancakes and waffles have their merits, nothing fills the morning cravings quite like a breakfast taco. I don't believe you can go wrong with a classic bacon, egg and cheese, but sometimes you need to kick things up a notch. This list of easy additions will take your tacos to the next level and leave your taste buds begging for more.

1.) Sweet Potatoes

Peel and cube some sweet potato, season with a little salt & pepper, cook until tender, and enter a whole new taco experience. Sweet potatoes add a nice bit of sweetness but still go great with eggs, cheese, and meat. They have many health benefits, and are high in vitamins A and C.

2.) Chorizo

Chorizo is a pork sausage that brings a little kick of spice into the taco. I prefer a Mexican-style chorizo, cooked until browned and then slapped on a flour tortilla. Don't be shy with the cheese and add veggies to bring in something fresh.

3.) Tortilla Chips

One of the easiest ingredients out there, crushed tortilla chips are a great addition to any breakfast taco. Simply crumble a few chips onto your taco and introduce a nice crunchy texture to your meal.

4.) Cilantro

Looking for a way to add some freshness to your taco? Cilantro is your guy.

Pro-tip: mix up cilantro with chopped up pineapple to create a ballin' salsa that can be enjoyed on a taco or with a chip.


5.) Black Beans

A great source of protein and fiber, black beans have a lot to offer. They are very versatile and can go well on just about any taco recipe you come up with. 

6.) Avocado

I will admit I'm biased on this one, (I'll eat avocado on pretty much anything) but avocados are one of the best additions you can make to your morning taco. You bring flavor, texture, and health benefits just by dropping a few slices into your tortilla. Boom.

7.) Salsa Verde

Go green! Salsa verde is a nice divergence from traditional salsa and is a great way to add a little variety. It provides a bit of a different flavor and compliments a lot of different ingredients.

Cover Photo: Tacos of Texas

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